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"When I started Pilates 2 months ago I was a mess – I couldn’t sit, stand or walk for any amount of time. I couldn’t participate in the activities & hobbies that had been a part of my life for as long as I can remember.

Since starting Pilates, I can sit for sufficient time to sew, knit & do computer work.  I can walk indefinitely without any issues.   My legs are definitely stronger. I can squat & stand with minimal effort.  I feel that there is nothing I can’t do around the house or outside. I have reduced my pain medication by 50%. I have discontinued the medication for muscle  spasms altogether.   I wake feeling refreshed.

I love my instructor Patricia. I am not perfect & she accepts that. She is very knowledgeable & has done what no other therapist has been able to do. She has not only facilitated the dramatic physical & functional changes I have experienced but gives me encouragement for the future. “  Diane Leclair


“Pilates has changed my life in EVERY aspect.  Physically, there are no words to describe.  I came in on crutches, unable to go up steps or walk more than 200 feet.  Now I am hiking and will even try skiing again.  Emotionally I am grounded, my hormones are balanced, my outlook is full of color and my desire to enjoy has returned.  There is not one day I have not enjoyed my time doing Pilates.  I find myself sitting at work getting excited about being there.  To find an ‘exercise’ program based on movement—no pain—has been the true gift.”  Kerry Cuthbert


“Take a minute, read this and potentially help yourself”.

I’m 55 years old.  Twelve months ago I finished 6 months of hospital and extended care for a series of severe health issues.  During the period I lost a lot of weight, muscle and fitness level.

My recovery program started with learning how to walk and progressed through various exercise routines.

My next logical step was to focus on rebuilding my core for everyday life and sports (golf, hockey etc), but I wanted to get some knowledgeable assistance.

After some background research, I started at the Tsawwassen Wellness Centre with their Jumpstart Program and a few private lessons, with owner and instructor Linda Mallard.  I then moved into a routine of one Pilates and one CoreAlign group session per week.  The instructors keep the sessions varied, entertaining and interesting.  The equipment is easy to use and creates constant pressure throughout your core.

Results after 3 months have been very pleasing.  My sore muscles are much stronger and I feel better.  A stable core has gone a long way to creating a more consistent and efficient golf swing leading to lower scores.  I know it will have a similar impact on my hockey.

I definitely plan to continue at Tsawwassen Wellness Centre with more advanced goals."  Niall Moore


“Coping with an arthritic hip, I called the TWC at the recommendation of a friend.  Absolutely no regrets!  Their staff is very friendly and supportive.  From my first class with Anne, my activity without pain has improved massively.  Where walking would cause me pain, I am now climbing stairs pain free.  I now look forward to activities that I used to avoid because of the pain.  My posture has improved and I feel that I am on a path to a stronger healthier me.” Marie Greene

I was injured in a horse riding accident and thought that Pilates would help.  When I suggested this to my doctor he immediately agreed and recommended Tsawwassen Wellness Centre.

The difference since I began Pilates has been like night and day.  The pain in my ribs has minimized, breathing is much easier, and overall I feel so much better.  Since my accident I had not been able to lie flat to sleep – but with Jodi’s assistance and encouragement I had an “ah hah” moment and started sleeping flat.  This was only after my second private.

Pilates has been amazing and I look forward to every class / private I have booked.  It’s truly been a life changer for me!

Everyone at the Tsawwassen Wellness Centre is so friendly – Instructors, staff and clients.  The atmosphere is so inviting.  Krista Harper

As a professional landscaper for 25 years, I believe that practicing Pilates prevented me from seriously injuring my back. Core strength and stability are crucial elements when engaging in hard physical labour. Pilates gave the skills and body awareness to work efficiently and safely.

Now that I have left my landscaping job to ‘rewire’, my focus is on restoring my body to its former upright glory. To achieve this goal, TWC offers the perfect holistic combination of pilates, yoga, and core align classes taught by amazing and inspiring instructors. Pilates helps me lengthen and strengthen, core align energizes and keeps me in balance, and yoga helps me open up and be at peace. All in one great facility!

Having attended numerous fitness and pilates centres in Vancouver, I can sincerely say that what makes Tsawwassen Wellness Centre stand out is it’s huge ‘heart.’ More than just numbers, clients are made to fell welcome and cared for by the wonderful staff. Once, while struggling with a concussion, I was greatly uplifted by a get well card from TWC. These little things make such a difference on the road to recovery. Equally impressive is TWC’s connection and involvement with community. last year, a fantastic effort was made to raise money for the Canadian Mental Health Association.

I see TWC in my future for many years to come!  Bettina Harvey