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The TWC Clients are in the Game of Life.  By taking care of their health, fitness, nutrition and balancing stress, our clients are able enjoy life on their terms!  Read some fabulous and heart-warming stories below.




Pilates Testimonials


bettina harvey
As a professional landscaper for 25 years, I believe that practicing Pilates prevented me from
seriously injuring my back. Core strength and stability are crucial elements when engaging in hard physical labour. Pilates gave the skills and body awareness to work efficiently and safely.

Now that I have left my landscaping job to ‘rewire’, my focus is on restoring my body to its former upright glory. To achieve this goal, TWC offers the perfect holistic combination of pilates, yoga, and core align classes taught by amazing and inspiring instructors. Pilates helps me lengthen and strengthen, core align energizes and keeps me in balance, and yoga helps me open up and be at peace. All in one great facility!

Having attended numerous fitness and pilates centres in Vancouver, I can sincerely say that what makes Tsawwassen Wellness Centre stand out is it’s huge ‘heart.’ More than just numbers, clients are made to fell welcome and cared for by the wonderful staff. Once, while struggling with a concussion, I was greatly uplifted by a get well card from TWC. These little things make such a difference on the road to recovery. Equally impressive is TWC’s connection and involvement with community. last year, a fantastic effort was made to raise money for the Canadian Mental Health Association.

I see TWC in my future for many years to come!

Below are just a few of our under 30 clients who share how Pilates has made a difference to their lives.
Elyse Frost
I started coming to the TWC to help with back pain and strengthen my core.  I can target muscles that I don’t normally use. Everyone at TWC is very friendly and encouraging, all the instructors I have worked with adapt the exercise to work best for me.  Thank you!

Richelle Soukoreff

I choose Pilates as a way of strengthening my body, and understanding how it works.  Through small class sizes and instructors carefully monitoring my progress, I have been able to build a stronger and more flexible body.  This enables me to feel confident as person and be more successful in activities I do.  At TWC they care about building a community of strong, healthy and body aware people.

Colleen Kenny

My decision to join Pilates was based off a need for exercise that would fit into a high school schedule.  My parents suggested it as an alternative to PE class, something that would help me be active without hurting myself. 

I’ve learned things about my body and its capabilities due to slight scoliosis, the Pilates exercises have improved my posture, in addition to making me healthier, physically stronger and balanced person.

My whole experience at the TWC has been wonderful.  Jodi my instructor is a joy to work with, and makes classes a positive experience that I look forward to every week.  The atmosphere and support are what keep me coming back.


Thomas Schultes

My back was hurting so much and my mom recommended coming to the TWC.  I am better at more sports now and it strengthened my core.  They are friendly and caring at the TWC.


Stacey Noelle Gilkinson

Pilates was re commended to me by my physiotherapist to treat my hypermobility.  I have dealt with chronic pain since I was 15.  I felt like my body was prematurely old with all those aches and pains.  I wanted to try something that would get me closer to feeling like a normal 20-something.


My quality of life has improved significantly!  Things like being bent over books, or carrying a backpack, which are staples of student life, used to give me severe headaches on an almost daily basis.  Thanks to the strength I’ve built up doing Pilates, I am now able to focus more on my studies than on pain relief.


I like that every instructor has something unique and valuable to offer.  Everyone is open to adjusting exercises to treat their clients on an individual level.  All clients receive a lot of helpful feedback for improvement.



I chose to do Pilates so that I could reduce the back pain caused by scoliosis of my spine.

Pilates has helped me with the pain that I was in and it has also made me a lot stronger.

What I like about the Tsawwassen Wellness Centre is that all of the staff (from receptionists to instructors ) are all very nice and personable. They all have your best interest at heart.

Emily Nowak

My friend joined Pilates first and encouraged me to join also.  I had to stop coming for quite a while as I had cancer.  A year ago I was able to return to the TWC to start my Pilates again.  I wanted help to lose weight and to be able to walk again on my own.  I have been back for a year now and I am loving it.


Pilates has made a huge difference in my life in many ways.  Pilates has taught me how to keep my body balanced and I can now walk without any help.


What I love about the TWC are the staff, the instructors – pretty much everything.  When I get to the studio there are always smiles and laughter along with an awesome workout!  I feel more energetic and that makes me happy.  There is a great vibe here. 

Dalton Boon

As an elite level Paralympic swimmer I needed to work on my core and posture.  Pilates helped me in those areas as well as strength.  The TWC staff are helpful and friendly.


 70+ and Loving Life!

In celebration of Andrea and Jean's 70th Birthday, we decided to celebrate all of our 70+ clients this month (October 2014).  Here are some words from a few of our 70+ clients.

Cecilia Serka

Pilates allows me to have a better quality of life.  I stretch out my muscles in class, and the soreness goes away.  Pilates has made my back and knees feel a lot better, and improved my posture. Every time I leave the studio I always feel better.  While walking my dog I am aware that my knees are feeling much better and that I am actively aware of my posture.

Mitch Michener
“I was introduced to Pilates in Arizona in 2011 after serious surgery and in a coma for 3 weeks and another 3 weeks in the hospital.  Needless to say, my energy level was zero!    I was doing weights and dreaded going to the gym, when a golfing pal suggested I should check out a program called Pilates.  I had never heard of it, but nothing ventured - nothing gained.

After my first private session, I was hooked!  No more lifting weights, but rather a safe method for transforming my body.  I soon learned to realize that Pilates can benefit everyone regardless of age, body type or previous experience.  In my case it has rehabilitated me from a traumatic surgery.

I have been doing Pilates now for 3 years at the Tsawwassen Wellness Centre, where my instructor Anne has been very patient and encouraging, helping me to build up my upper and lower body strength.  Not only do I look forward to each session, but I am stronger, healthier and feel and look much younger than my 78 year old body.”  Mitch 78 years

Kay Gejdos
Pilates helps me to keep fit as my body ages.  I am preparing to have hip replacement surgery, Pilates will help me with a quick recovery.  I cannot imagine my life without Pilates... I could not have the active life that I choose and travel.


In November 2013 I contracted a very serious lung infection.  After a one month hospital stay I was 30 pounds lighter and left with extensive atrophy to deal with.   I was barely able to walk or even stand for short periods of time.  My strength and stamina were all but gone. 


 After seeking medical advice from various sources, I was introduced to Linda Mallard of Tsawwassen Wellness Centre.  I booked a consultation and listened to her plan to get my body back.  She was very knowledgeable and seemed to really care about my plight.  Not only did she come up with a plan, but also explained how pilates was unique and why it would be a great fit for my needs.   I signed up for ten private sessions and was amazed how well I was coming along.  Ten more sessions and I was feeling much better.  My shape, strength, stamina and balance have improved greatly and I am well on my way to what I believe will be a full recovery.


I had never tried pilates before but I am certainly a believer now.


Thank you Linda and the staff at TWC


 Peter Rogal



"I have been plagued with chronic spinal disc issues for some years now. I had tried physio, chiropractic, Steve Holmescommercially available gizmos via TV shopping...pain and anti-inflammatory medications, etc. I have to say that my experience is not intended to negate any form of solution in those areas, but they were not effective for me personally as isolated attempts to solve my problem.


So, when I saw the newspaper ad. in the Delta Optimist...."weak core..sore back..we can help", it peaked my interest. Once I had mulled over the dilemma of pain verses possibility, I first met Linda armed with my most recent CT scan and a guarded mild mindset of doubt. Anyone who has gone through the misery and pain of a lower back "flare up" knows exactly what I am talking about. Right from the start, Linda illustrated her amazing assessment of my problem in guiding me through the baby steps to better back health. If someone had shown me a visual of the exercises of what I am able to do today in the very controlled environment of the studio on that first day when I walked through the door, I would have turned around and walked right back out again in absolute fear. It really has been a wonderful and rewarding experience, both mentally and physically. I feel stronger each day. So, in essence, thank you all for the amazing care and encouragement I have received. Your studio has a remarkable staff."

Sincerely, Steve Holmes


Beverly Brazier

Beverly BrazierWhen we moved to Tsawwassen 2 years ago, I had already been taking semi-private pilates sessions for 2 years. But nothing I had done held a patch to what I have accomplished or learned at the TWC. I am now able to (almost) keep up to my husband when we cycle – and I can always hear Linda and Ann saying “breath, put your shoulders down and tighten your core”. At “something over 60”, I am stronger, have better endurance during physical activities, feel better and look better than I can ever remember. I have been assisted so helpfully when physical injuries have arisen, and learned the why’s and wherefore’s of different exercises and how they help our bodies. The additional osteo classes have been amazing, and provided useful information on how to move and strengthen one’s body in order to prevent injury and further deterioration.

I am stronger, healthier and happier than I can remember. TWC has also been a caring and safe haven for me during stressful life circumstances. I can’t recommend TWC highly enough. Many thanks – to each and every one of you. Beverly


Trish Hewson, Physiotherapist, Sungod Physiotherapy, Ladner, BC

Trish Hewson “Participating  in Pilates classes at the TWC over the past year has helped me to strengthen my own back tremendously. I was first injured 10 years ago while working as a physiotherapist in the hospital setting. I have continued to experience flare-ups from a minor disc bulge since then. The focus on core strengthening at TWC has lessened the frequency of those flare-ups and has helped me to keep strong throughout my current pregnancy. I am extremely impressed by the knowledge


 base and expertise of the instructors at the TWC and enjoy working with them both personally and professionally. I have continuously promoted the TWC to many of my own clients and can honestly say speaking from experience that this is one of the best ways to tackle back pain due to chronic instability.”



TWC ClientPilates Changed My Life


” I had a previously herniated disc as well as bulging discs in my lower back and had tried physio therapy, acupuncture and massage to resolve some of the musculoskeletal symptoms.  Being overweight and relatively sedentary was not helping matters either. I had attempted other exercise programs to get moving, but only found they triggered back pain and re-injury. I wanted something that would help me gain strength, flexibility and support my back.  I was referred to Tsawwassen Wellness Centre by someone who believed that Pilates was the answer for me.  She was right. 


I began with Tsawwassen Wellness Centre by doing their Jumpstart package.  Having the one on one with the instructor gave me the feedback I needed and the palates principals were right in line with my goals to gain strength and flexibility. 


After a couple of sessions I began to be sensitive to things like my posture, balance and breathing.  I realized quickly that I was not eating to feed my body, that the emotional eating and binging was not consistent with my goals to rehabilitate my physical self.  I took on a 30 feeling fit challenge that included eating clean and cutting out sugar, wheat/gluten, dairy, corn, potatoes, alcohol and caffeine Yes it was a drastic move, but I thought to myself, “it’s only 30 days, let’s see what happens.”


I began eating clean, getting good proteins and fats, a LOT of vegetables and some berries, nuts and seeds.  I kept up the Pilates, two days a week, and it didn’t take long before my new life got easier.  I began to invent tasty ways to eat well and not feel deprived.  I started noticing that my strength was slowly improving.  I started to feel the best I had felt in a VERY long time.


The 30 days came and went; I had no desire to change back into old habits. In fact I set more goals, adding one weight training session and regular walking/running days to my weekly routine.  I feel fantastic, I sleep better, I don’t live in pain, my pants fit better and I am walking tall.


So, what it all boils down to is:  Pilates changed my life, setting in motion a path forward to wellness. “


Karin PiettKarin Piett


About four months ago I walked into TWC with great trepidation and anxiety. I had been living in pain for 3 years as a result of a hip surgery that had not gone well and along with that, the other hip joint was deteriorating quickly. I did not feel like I would belong  or be able to move enough for it to be of any real benefit but I was desperate to feel better and to help myself  get back to the life I loved – personally and professionally.


I was made welcome by everyone I encountered in that intro visit and so knew I had the  courage to come back for my first session. Little did I know that my own personal miracle was about to unfold. I did return and met both Linda Mallard who owns TWC, and then Patricia Tufts who would become my Rehab Pilates Coach… and so began my amazing journey!


After the first session, I was stunned at how comfortable I felt being there and how I was  coached into movements I was able to do. I would leave feeling productive + good in just an hour. That was the beginning and in the 4 months that followed ,my twice weekly visits with Patricia began to have amazing results.


My medication requirement for pain reduced, I had more good hours in a day and I felt my motivated self return. Around that time I was given a surgery date for my other hip and in my sessions following, Patricia prepared me so I would weather it well and also be equipped to accelerate my recovery afterwards. The continuing caring encouragement I received was so  motivating.


Following my hip replacement surgery, the result was more than I had expected – I was on my feet the first day, up stairs the next and out of the hospital with my Doctor’s blessing on the morning of Day 3 ( he gave me the option on the evening of Day 2 ). It’s now almost week 2, and I am alternating from 1 crutch to a cane already, with a minimum of pain. I am using the knowledge and strength of my core every minute of every day and it makes a huge difference. I had previously worked out in a core program in years prior to my first surgery and truly thought I had a good understanding of the impact a core workout could generate. At TWC I have learned that there was so much more to learn and so many things I could work on with intuitive coaching. I am honestly, still in awe when I think of how I felt the first day I walked in – the contrast is shocking to me. I am so grateful to Linda for this studio in my community and so grateful that it brought Patricia’s inspiration + expertise into my life.


The other team members I see at TWC, Andrea, Jean, Molly on my way in each visit, have been so welcoming. My commitment to myself to continue to develop my knowledge + strength, and my commitment to TWC is embedded in my future. As Arnold S said in one of his films, another couple of weeks and the girls will hear me at the front door ” I’m backkkk”.


Tracy RogalTracy Rogal


Three years ago I ruptured the L5 disc in my lower back.   I was left with intermittent pain which limited my mobility in extreme ways.  As a graphic/web designer I am required to sit for extended periods of time to complete projects.  I had to convert my desk to a standing desk just to get my work done.   Some days I was unable to tie my own shoes, drive my children to school or even walk my dog.  I tried three different physio therapists but although each had their own particular methods I saw little or no improvement and was left in pain and more frustrated than ever.

For the last couple of years I’ve persevered… celebrating the days when my mobility was okay and pain was tolerable.   Then in January 2013 I decided to give rehabilitation another try.  I’d heard of Pilates and wondered if it might help.  I called the Tsawwassen Wellness Centre and met with Patricia Tufts who did an assessment and developed a treatment plan.


I was really scared that pilates would cause me more pain or be too difficult.  Instead my first sessions with her were so simple and gentle I wondered if this was going to be helpful at all.  To my surprise right from the first week my mobility improved and my daily pain started to disappear. Over the next few months Patricia worked with me patiently, showing me more and more exercises.  She knows when to push (a little) and when to change course, she is friendly yet professional and she always seems to know exactly what to do to help me.  I have been consistently surprised how gentle the exercises are and yet how much improvement I’ve experienced.  Along with working with Patricia at the centre she also gave me some exercises I can do at home which have really improved my ability to sit for long periods of time at desk.  In my last session I was actually able to do 10 sit ups… which 2 years ago I would have said was never again going to be possible…and I’m able to ride my bike, go bowling with my kids and go grocery shopping without worrying about causing myself pain or asking for help – I really can’t put into words how unbelievable that is.  I am so glad that I decided to call the Tsawwassen Wellness Centre it was one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself.  Thank you Patricia and I look forward to continuing to work with you.


Steve JohnsonSteve Johnson – Age 22 - UBC Men’s Varsity Soccer


“Pilates training at the TWC has helped to improve my core strength, flexibility and performance on the soccer field.    The focus of strengthening and lengthening muscles and teaching me not to overuse other muscles has helped me work through some frustrating groin and hip injuries.  After a few weeks of classes and a few private sessions, I began to see results in my core strength and all over flexibility.  I enjoy the physical/mental challenge of Pilates and appreciate the attention to detail on my form from all the instructors. ”




Hello all my friends at the TWC


I am having a blast here in Thailand with my daughter. We have been on the move every day for nine days (except for last Thursday where we just settled in on the beach to read).


I took my stretchy band with me and I have been doing an hour of exercises every morning while lying in bed waiting for Carly to wake up. The mattresses here are very firm – perfect for a little work out! Once again I find myself thanking you, Linda and Ann, for taking such good care of my body. It has enabled me to keep up with anything and everything that Carly has thrown my way. Photo – case in point!


Stacey GilkinsonStacey Gilkinson


A year ago my 20-year-old daughter looked at me and said “Mom, I don’t want to be like you.” These may sound like harsh words, but they were in fact a realitycheck.  Truth be told, my daughter had witnessed for many years my pain and suffering with ongoing back and neck problems, and just a few years ago developed the same symptoms herself.  Her frank statement said it all.  She needed to have hope.


We had been through some recent life changes as a family, most significantly the sudden death of my husband the year before.  As we began the healing process emotionally we were becoming more cognizant of the physical pain that was holding us back.


Sometimes what we won’t do for ourselves we will somehow find the wherewithall to do for our children.  With my daughter’s prodding, we sought out help to make our bodies strong again and take control of a chronic situation that was robbing us of the simple pleasures in life.


Fortunately for us, we landed at TWC.  I knew from Linda’s first email that she understood what we were looking for and what our concerns were.  For the first time, in a long time, I had hope too.


From the moment we started with Linda we realized this was going to be a very personal journey and not some “one-size-fits-all” experience.  For myself, I had to learn to move again.  I had spent the last 20 years minimizing movement for fear of pain. With Linda’s expertise we not only faciliated movement but also began strengthening.  My daughter, though burdened with the same condition, had very different symptoms and triggers than mine.  Linda was able to identify those and work with her individually during our duet sessions.


Shortly after starting at TWC we flew overseas for a two-week vacation.  This is something we had never tried before.  Being that far away from physio/massage therapy and enduring long plane rides was just not something we had previously been willing to risk.  We knew the price we would pay.  But on this particular trip we not only survived — we thrived!  We arrived back home now fully appreciative of the results we were getting at TWC.


Flash forward a year:  We have just returned from our second trip overseas and had a blast! Fear and pain no longer hold us back from our desired adventures.  My daughter can attend classes all day at university and not come home complaining of headaches and backache.  We now participate in a combination of private, duet and class sessions with any number of the wonderful staff at TWC.  This has become a lifestyle for us and something that binds mother and daughter now in a positive way.


Despite the huge gains we have made, we realize that this is a long-term situation for us and that we will have to manage this the rest of our lives.  Not every day is pain-free and we are still sometimes reminded of our frailties.  The difference now is that it no longer dictates life decisions and our ability to appreciate each and every day.  Our new awareness of our bodies and the strengthening we have done has freed us to make the life choices we want to make and get the most out of those choices.  We no longer wake up in the morning wondering what kind of “pain” day it’s going to be.  There is nothing more liberating than to feel in control of your life!


A heartfelt thanks to our extended family at TWC!!!!


Diane CraigDiane Craig


“Well, last Thursday was the big Pilates test and I wasn’t even aware of it. I went golfing for the first time in 2 years with my two friends. I usually hope to end the season in the 80′s. Well, you can imagine my surprise when Thursday I started with an 80! Right from the first hole, my friends watched with open mouths as I hit the ball with, as they said, “focus, new found energy and incredible balance”. At first, I couldn’t explain it; then one friend said ‘could it possibly be the Pilates?’ Of course. Thank you for giving me a new path to walk into a healthy future. I’m loving it.”  





Art and Julia ClarkeArt and Julia Clarke


Julia started Pilates in Linda’s Equestrian Class and from the improvement I saw in the lessening of her back pain prompted me to join.  We have been doing a duet with Linda for the past 3 years. (She calls us her Monday bookends) Julia has been teaching Body Awareness learned in Pilates to her Equestrian students while I have used Pilates to strengthen my back and lessen the pain. Pilates has also improved my overall fitness immeasurably.  Julia and I have enjoyed this time, as Father and Daughter, to have many laughs and giggles as possible while trying to give Linda a run for her money. But frankly she has been up to the challenge.



Susanne AullingerSusanne Aullinger


“Since starting the Pilates, I can really tell a difference in my yoga classes.  I have all over increased body strength and it feels so good!  Linda and Anne have helped me get more energy flowing…You Ladies get me out of bed in the morning!”  





Rob DeanRob Dean, Client since 2008


“I had done one long run previously, the 2004 Vancouver Marathon. My split (half marathon) time was 2 hours 12 minutes and that being four years ago and my being four years younger, I set what I felt to be an aggressive, but reachable goal of 2 hours for the Victoria Half in 2008.  The mix of pilates and running has been great.  I am stronger overall, have greater endurance and have a new attitude and approach to my physical and mental well being.


ps: Oh, by the way my time in Victoria was 1 hour 46 minutes which placed me 19th in my age group.  Not bad!”

Kelly KennedyKelly Kennedy, Client since 2002


”TWC has been a guiding support in my physical well being.  I enjoy the additional education regarding a holistic approach to health and have enjoyed the new products presented.  The staff are helpful and professional and Linda is a great pilates teacher who has helped me to improve my fitness level over the last six years.”







Audrey CrabtreeAudrey Crabtree – Client since 2003

“ 5 years now and I know this is the BEST thing I’ve ever done for my body. I know it will carry me through many, many very active senior years. Thanks TWC you’re fantastic!” 




RebeccaRebecca, 9.5 years old


“I’m 9 1/2 years old and I dance (ballet), and play basketball, golf, volleyball, soccer and baseball.  I first came to see Trina to build up my core muscles to help me get better at dance.  It’s helped me a lot!  I was weak in my back and my spine wasn’t straight when it was supposed to be, so I had weak posture. I also wanted to look better when I dance and improve my turn out.  The Pilates has really helped me a lot! A few of my favorite things that I have done to help my strength is Rebounding to warm up, The Airplane on the cadillac (it’s hard work but it feels really good stretching my back) and I just built up my core and arm strength to the point when I can work with Trina a little on the Reformer.  I was really excited when I got to do that because I worked so hard to get there both with Trina and on my own at home and in school. I thought the Reformer would be tough but I got used to it in a few weeks and I’m proud of myself to be on the Reformer! ”