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Proellixe Total Body Vibration


No Sweat  –  No Pain  –  No Needles



Using the Proellixe Total Body Vibration for only 10 minutes a day, you can TONE, LOSE WEIGHT AND INCREASE YOUR ENERGY!



proellixe“It’s like a deep massage!” “I’m going to the moon!” and “Is this legal?” are some of the comments people make when they first try Total Body Vibration. This new therapy has been shown in extensive research to improve health in areas such as increased muscle strength and flexibility, increased bone density, increased circulation, joint therapy for numerous joint problems, improved balance, and an elevated mood.


  • Weight Loss
  • Muscle Strength and Flexibility
  • Stability, Balance and Coordination
  • Anti-Aging and Hormonal Effects
  • Mood and Energy Levels
  • Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation
  • Bone Density
  • Wellness


…all in 10 minutes.


Get in shape without perspiration, heart tempo alteration or muscle tiredness. The ProEllixe machine has been developed based on technology from Nasa. Now, instead of spending 2 hours in the gym, you can get the same effect in just 10 minutes.


Exclusive to the TWC, the Proellixe activates and stimulates the muscle walls of the body. This direct stimulation of the muscles, doesn’t produce oxidative stress, which is typical after effect of intense muscle activity or exercise.


Step out of the office for ten or twenty minutes and step onto the ProEllixe without having to change or rush into the shower afterwards.



Weight Loss

piechart_v2Using the Proellixe for 10 minutes is the equivalent of 30-60 minutes of conventional weight lifting in terms of getting in shape, including losing pounds, inches, fat, and cellulite, as well as for strengthening and toning your muscles and increasing bone density.


At the TWC you can also receive nutritional counseling or participate in our Nutritional-Cleanse and have the opportunity to learn how to optimize you body’s ability to burn calories and metabolize nutrients efficiently.


Most of TWC clients who want to lose weight are successful using a combination of working out on the Proellixe, diet modifications and nutritional cleansing.  Average weight loss is 10 – 15 pounds, with  70 – 80% of clients losing at least 10 pounds, sometimes in the first month, and quite a few losing 30 pounds or more. And most importantly, in TWC’s experience, at least 90% of those losing weight have not gained it back again (including those losing 30 pounds or more)!



Muscle Strength & Flexibility

Used as a training method, it has been shown to increase bone density, muscle strength and flexibility in a remarkably short amount of time: 10 minutes with this system is the equivalent of 30-60 minutes of weight lifting. Standing on a vibrating plate, every cell in your body vibrates at the same speed the plate is vibrating (10-30 times/sec). All muscle fibers involuntarily tense and relax at this speed, thus creating an intense workout without the person actually having to move at all! Sounds too good to be true! Research supports these claims, and as anyone who has used this system can tell you, it is hard work! Many different positions have been developed to target different muscle groups. All involve getting into a position on the plate and holding your body weight (or even adding additional weight) against the vibration. The vibration multiplies the work done by your muscles dramatically. Holding a push up position for one minute on this vibrating plate, for example, feels like you’ve done 100 push-ups in one minute.


Marked strength increases have been seen using this system, even when used for short periods of time (less than 3 min/session, twice/week for 3 weeks).   A process of neurological adaptation leading to improved communication between the nervous system and muscle fibers is thought to be the explanation for these early strength increases. After several weeks of training the muscle fibers themselves begin to increase in size and number creating larger, stronger muscles.


Just how exercise makes you feel better, so will only 10 minutes on the Proellixe Total Body Vibration machine.  Increase energy and feel better fast.

Total body vibration improves circulation and oxygen delivery to peripheral tissues such as the feet, hands, skin and hair, as well as, organs, glands, muscle and fat. The increase in oxygen and blood circulation also increases the ability of the cells to eliminate waste, respond to hormones and absorb nutrients, sugars and minerals. Aging occurs because of lack of proper oxygenation, nutrification and circulation to any part of the body. So improving these critical body functions is necessary to stall or even reverse the aging process. Vibration training should be an intergal part of any longevity wellness program.


Mood and Energy Levels

About 90% of TWC’s clients originally complaining of poor mood and energy levels report improvements, usually within weeks of starting.


Physical Therapy & Medical Rehabilitation

Physical therapists, medical doctors and chiropractors all report significant therapeutic effects from total body vibration therapy. Regular use of these devices helps to restore strength, flexibilty and range of movement both before and after musculoskeletal injuries and / or traumas. Vibration training can also help to prevent injuries when used in conjunction with other conventional training methods.


The Proellixe’s cutting edge vibration technology opens up new opportunity for people suffering with conditions such as, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, osteoporosis, and stroke victims. It allows them to gain the benefit of exercise while staying within their personal physical capacities. Scientific research is pouring in from around the world on the effects of Total Body Vibration. Numerous studies are finding their way into prominent medical publications and leading fitness research journals.



Bone Density

The potential for bone building made national headlines in August 2001 when the journal Nature published a study using sheep at the State University of New York at Stony Brook. Adult sheep exposed to gentle vibrations for 20 minutes a day increased their bone density by 34% over one year. A recent study at Leuven University in Belgium, published by the American Society for Bone and Mineral Research in 2003, looked at the effect of vibration on post menopausal women (those most at risk of developing osteoporosis). Significant (approximately 1%) increases in hip bone density were seen over the 6 month study. While this number is small, this is still the first therapy to show any actual increase, or reverse, of bone loss in post menopausal women.



Wellness with the Proellixe

Dr. Keith DeOrio, an internationally known expert in integrative medicine with over 3000 patients at the DeOrio Wellness Medical Center, in Santa Monica, CA, has been a pioneer in the use of this technology for a wide range of health problems. Working successfully with many problems, from allergies and depression, to digestive problems, to multiple sclerosis and chronic fatigue, and Dr. DeOrio has found Total Body Vibration to be a powerful adjunctive therapy to the many alternative approaches he uses.


“Increased blood flow combined with mechanical cell vibration leads to improved distribution and bio-availability of vitamins, nutrients, herbs, minerals and even homeopathics…Total body vibration causes the muscles, lymph, and cells in the body to contract and relax in a rhythmical fashion. If the right antioxidants, herbs and other nutrients are present in the blood prior to (TBV), a powerful super perfusion of the organs, glands and tissues is the result. Increased circulation and better lymph system drainage combine to give more rapid toxin removal resulting in more rapid healing and less detoxification side effects.”


Additionally, Dr. DeOrio theorizes that TBV may raise a person’s vibrational energy (their “Chi” in Chinese medicine), and help to balance the energy meridians which Eastern medicine believes to be essential to life and health. Whatever the exact causes and mechanisms of its myriad effects, it seems clear that Total Body Vibration is an exciting, potentially even revolutionary, system of health enhancement.