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Getting Started

 Unique to the Tsawwassen Wellness Centre is our Jumpstart Program. 


20150430-111214All clients new to the TWC begin here.  This program includes a comprehensive assessment of your health, fitness, injuries and goals.  You will have a postural assessment and movement assessment to determine a starting point for your program.



  • 3 one on one Pilates sessions
  • 1 one on one CoreAlign session
  • Posture, Function and Pain Assessment

 ONLY $239 (save $114)

1st appointment

Upon registration, you will receive an intake form that is to be completed and brought in with you.  You will be requested to arrive 15 minutes before your appointment begins with your instructor to complete your intake.  We will take your blood pressure, body measuements, and body composition.


Your instructor will then begin with a review of your intake form, learn about you and your goals.  She will do an assessement on your posture and alignment.

Once the assessment is complete, you will begin your Pilates journey for the rest of the hour.


2nd appointment

You will receive your report from the assessment.  Your instructor will check in on how you felt after your first session and then you experience more Pilates that is directed towards your goals and assessment.


3rd appointment

Your instructor will check in on how you felt after the 2nd session and then begin your 3rd Pilates session.  This session is on the CoreAlign. Explore core stabilization, posture and spinal alignment through balance, gait and coordination.


All sessions will have you experience the dedicated Pilates equipment such as the reformer, cadillac, chair, Avalon Chair and barrels.

4th appointment
Continue with Pilates on the reformer, chair and Cadillac.  You will already feel stronger, stand taller and move with a new grace and ease.

After your 4th session, you will know if Pilates feels good on your body and if you would like to continue.  Between you and your instructor, you will be able to determine if joining our classes, or if continuing with privates is best for you.


Call today to book your Jumpstart Package or to purchase a Gift Card for a loved one.  604.943.8823.




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