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Company Profile


When I moved to Tsawwassen 1996, I had a vision of creating a boutique Studio where we could make a positive impact on the health, fitness & well-being of each & every client.  I dreamed of a space where clients would feel strong & vibrant, be inspired, heal from injury, or simply find a moment of peace in their day.  


The TWC Pilates & Health opened in 2001.  Together, my team and I have created opportunities for clients who want to live life on their terms, with the strength & physical health to do whatever it is they choose in their personal journey.  


Today, the TWC is going strong!  We are open 7 days a week offering:


  • Pilates (classes & one-on-one)
  • Back Care & Restorative PilatesPost-Injury Rehabilitation
  • Sports Conditioning
  • Yoga
  • Massage Therapy
  • Meditation

The TWC is not only a place to feel great while moving your body, it’s a place to heal; a place to rejuvinate; & a place that is supportive & compassionate to your needs.


I am very proud of our Studio & hope that you can take some time for yourself to discover how great life can be when you have an abundance of energy & feel fantastic both inside and out!


TRY US OUT!  Drop in for a tour, book a complimentary consultation, or drop in for a Yoga class or dive in with the Jumpstart Program.  Bring a friend and experience something new together.   


Linda Mallard, Owner

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