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Have you ever thought or said out loud at your Pilates session “I don’t think I’m very good at this” ?  If the answer is “yes”, know you are in good company and that if you feel this way, you are right on track!


Pilates is one of the most effective systems at transforming faulty movement compensations that cause pain and injury. The equipment and the way we cue our clients creates an environment where you cannot cheat or find short cuts. You must mindfully engage, and create a sense of control and focus that gets your body moving in a healthy and strong way. 


When we move in this manner, it can feel a bit awkward at first.  Then as the sequencing starts to make sense in our body, you find flow and control in the movement.  As your instructor (send her loving thoughts at this time J ) see’s this, she will then add another little nuance to challenge you to sort out something new. 


This is why the system works!  You get stronger, more confident moving in new ways, improved balance, and coordination.


So while clients experience much success along the way, the forever challenging method can sometimes make us feel shall I say “humbled”.  If you’ve ever wondered why people who do Pilates do so forever, it is because it is fun, mentally engaging and there is always a new challenge in front of us to master.

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In short, that there’s no such thing as “good at Pilates”.  What we notice as a result of consistent participation, is that we have more strength, mobility, and control over our movements; we feel better in our bodies, have more energy, and we sleep better. 



Some people begin Pilates because they feel that they “should”.  Perhaps your health professional has advised it, or perhaps something in your sense of self tells you that you will be better off if you do Pilates:  you will have less pain, you will look better.  All good reasons however, when you connect your engagement to things you enjoy outside of Pilates, it can bring more purpose to the practice.


It may be as fundamental as improving your daily activities. Putting your socks on without sitting down.  Getting out in your garden.  Healing from pain so you can plan some trips or enjoying playing with your grandchildren.


It may be improving at a sport or activity such as golfing, riding your horse, hiking, or skiing.  Pilates improves the way you move.  It improves, coordination, range of motion, balance and strength.  As a teacher it gives me great joy to hear when a client achieves something new in their chosen activity, or that they went skiing again for the first time in years.

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So when you attend Pilates, remember, it’s not about being “good at Pilates”.  It is about feeling more connected to your body, moving more smoothly, and having the confidence to get out and enjoy life!


See you at the Studio!


Linda Mallard

Tsawwassen Wellness Centre



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