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Why is Your Safety at the Top of Our List?

The fitness industry has gone full circle it seems.  HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) and CrossFit type gyms are popping up all over the place promising great results and fast.   With great marketing we start to believe that "no pain, no gain" must be the only way.


These workouts can be beneficial if the instructor is on top of managing the clients in the class.  Do they know their clients bodies, their issues, limitations?  Has an assessment been completed?  Do they give modifications and discuss recovery time?


While I love the feel of a strong workout, I'm in this world for the long haul.  While I love to challenge my body, I want to be healthy and strong today, tomorrow, next year and into my 80's.  

I have no time for injuries.  I feel better when I move daily and being injured or sore gets in the way of that.  I want to look forward to exercise and enjoy my time while doing it.  If I hurt, I won't look forward to it, I won't enjoy it and over time, I'm likely to stop and fall back into old non-exercise patterns.


So, why is YOUR SAFETY IS TOP OF OUR LIST?  Getting results does not mean killing yourself.  Results come from consistent participation, building strength gradually.  Listening to our body and dealing with issues as they arise.  


Having a POSITIVE MOVEMENT EXPERIENCE, tells your body at a cellular level that this is GOOD FOR YOU.  You look forward to exercising, you enjoy it.  Even if you are tired, you will still go because you know you can do it and will feel better after.


Because we do assessments, we know what's going on in your body.  We ask you every session how you are and if there is any pain or problem?  How is your health?  If you are worn down, feeling unwell, we can modify for you to ensure your safety, enjoyment AND RESULTS match where you are at.

YOUR WELLBEING IS IN OUR HANDS.  Your role is to show up, communicate honestly about where you are at and listen in.  You can trust that we will work with you to keep you safe, making it easy for you to be consistent, support you in looking forward to attending and the results will be there.


Linda Mallard

Owner, Tsawwassen Wellness Centre



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