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We are all leaders, decision makers and guides.  People in our lives, be it our children, spouses, siblings, parents, clients, coworkers, or friends count on us to show up in a certain capacity.  Life comes in waves and there are times when we have to step up our game.

Two weeks ago, my husband Mike passed away.  He was diagnosed with cancer 11 weeks prior.  While we had been separated for 3 years, we were parents together of our 3 children.   When we received the diagnosis, I knew immediately that I would have to expand my capacity to manage, lead and support.  I knew I had to show up in a certain way for Mike, our children and his family; yet continue to be present for my team and clients at the Studio.

This story is likely no stranger to many of you reading this.  Life is happening all around.  Some challenging, but many wonderful experiences as well.  Healthy babies are being born, our children or grandchildren are graduating and getting married.  All of these experiences require that we adjust in some way.

This adjustment requires that we are healthy.  That we are strong, rested, have mental clarity, and manage more in in a day.  

In this process, the question I am asked is "how are YOU?"  What do I have in place such that I am supported so I can in turn take care of the others who need me?  I have learned to ask for help and accept help when offered.  To lean on friends, family and coworkers, but also to have professionals in my world to support my wellbeing.  I do more Pilates, seek counselling. Eating well, regular exercise and continuing to do what I love fills my cup.  There are times I feel that I don't have time for "me", but then I remember how much better I feel when I do run in the trails, ride my bike or even get my toes done.

The Tsawwassen Wellness Centre is more than a Pilates/movement studio.  We created this boutique Studio so we could get to know you and respond to your needs.  Our commitment is to provide a space that is healthy, supportive, rejuvenating, safe, and leaves our clients with increased energy and strength to live powerfully in their life.

This Fall, our theme is COMMUNITY, SUPPORT, FUN!

We are here to provide you with whatever you need when you need it.  When I returned to work only a few days after Mike's passing, some people asked why I didn't take more time.  I couldn't imagine being anywhere else.  This is also my space to rejuvenate, heal and feel supported.  While I have reduced my schedule this fall to allow more time to deal with matters at home, my time at the Studio is fundamental in my wellbeing.  I feel so much love, support and joy when I'm there.  The outpouring of kindness over the past two weeks warms my heart and lifts me up.  The opportunity to stretch, move and breathe grounds me, clears my mind and elevates my mood.  I am a better Mom and decision maker at home because of my participation at the Studio.

My invitation to you, is to use the Studio for the same.  Our eyes, ears and hearts are open to you.  There is an incredible community that you are part of at the Tsawwassen Wellness Centre.  This Fall, we have put together opportunities for you to learn, grow and play.  I encourage you to participate in any way you choose.  Below are three different events for this month.  Each one brings a unique experience.  They are all at no cost, some involve learning, others more social and fun.

In health,
Linda Mallard
Owner, Tsawwassen Wellness Centre