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What’s Your Relationship to Food and Eating Doing for You?

Food and eating is the spice of life.  It allows us to experience flavors and textures that satisfy and fulfil us on many levels.   Food (the wrong kind or too much) can on the other hand contribute to the development of ill health, weight gain and feeling bad about ourselves. 

Our relationship to food and eating plays a role in how food is experienced throughout our life.

Consider all the reasons why you eat and enjoy food:

Does your social life revolve around food and eating?

Do you use food to comfort, reward or distract you?

Does it feel like food controls you?

Do you tell yourself that you just love food!


Do you use food to fuel, nourish keep your body healthy?

Do you make 80% of your eating choices about personal respect and value?

Sometimes we need to take stock and recalibrate what isn’t working for us any longer if we want a different outcome.

What would you like your relationship to food and eating to be?


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