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Friday, Saturday, Sunday October 20, 21, 22, 23, 2017

with Rena Shields   


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What is Fascial Conditioning for Pilates?

Fascial Conditioning with Pilates is a technique using Suspension Therapy and Fascial Training straps and Pilates equipment to support clients while recovering from injury or to reduce tension.  You will learn how to increase mobility, strength and deepen the breath to strengthen the Diaphragm in a Lateral-Intercostal Breath to balance the client’s Autonomic Nervous System facilitating a decrease in inflammation, decrease in stress, & stabilization of Homeostasis.


- What is Fascia and what is its role in health, movement, recovery and healthy aging
- How does a Lateral Intercostal Breath strengthen the diaphragm and its role in stimulation of the Vagus - Nerve and hormonal activation of the Adrenals.
- Approaches and choreography to integrating Fascial Conditioning to your practice.

This technique facilitates strengthening from Acute Care to Dynamic Conditioning.

We begin with Breath, it is necessary to establish a balanced Parasympathetic response to Sympathetic response of the Autonomic Nervous System once trauma/pain has been experienced. The primary goal of Fascial Conditioning is to establish a Parasympathetic response by consciously contracting the Diaphragm to strengthen the Vagal Tone of the Vagus nerve to facilitate the release of the neurotransmitter Acetylcholine for release of the Fascial Sheath.  We then challenge the boundaries of this response with dynamics and the force of gravity to strengthen the endurance of the diaphragm. Once stress becomes too great the Sympathetic response will become dominant restricting the Fascial Sheath causing the individual to be unable to consciously contract the Diaphragm.  At this time we focus on a recovery set to re-establish a Lateral Intercostal Breath to balance our Sympathetic response( inhale) with a Parasympathetic response (exhale) for flushing of the Fascial Sheath to prepare for the next movement sequence.

Who is it for?

An 18 hour course to teach Certified Health Professionals and Certified Pilates Instructors the Fascial Conditioning curriculum for Pilates.

Course Outline


- Breath Lecture and Class
- Fascial Therapy – what it is and how to facilitate this treatment
- Fascial Conditioning Class
- Suspension Therapy –how to facilitate this in a class and treatment format


- Fascial Slings and how to release for a more effective Lateral Intercostal Breath
- Pilates Barrel for Myofascial Release and Suspension Therapy
- Suspension Therapy and the Trapeze Table
- Fascial Conditioning technique with Pilates Trapeze choreography


- Fascial Conditioning Class
- Fascial Conditioning techniques with the Reformer and Tower
- Review

The Stages of Conditioning with Fascial Conditioning

- Fascial Therapy
- Suspension Therapy
- Fascial Conditioning Pilates
- Suspension Yoga
- Fascial Training

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Dates: Friday, Saturday, Sunday October 20,21, 22, 2017

Location: Tsawwassen Wellness Centre, #120- 5133 Springs Blvd, Tsawwassen, BC

Cost: $699 + gst (includes Fascial Training Suspension Strap)

Register by phone at 604.943.8823

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