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Information on fascia is exploding in the world of healing, movement and bodywork. It is teaching us that fascia is the master organizer of our bodies. It impacts our physiology, movement and central nervous system. Our emotions and life experiences live in our fascia.

Why now? Research methodology, tools and our ability to dissect in greater detail is allowing us to deepen our understanding of this remarkable body we live in.

While our body is made up of trillions of cells, a complex nervous system, organs, and tissues, it is the fascia that intertwines and connects it all together.

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Fascia is a thin webbed tissue that encapsulates all our muscles, nerves and organs. There is no start and finish. It surrounds each unit and then links all of our parts together.


The health of this tissue impacts our entire body from how we move (freely or restricted), to digestion, breath and organ function. Fascia holds our emotions and life experiences. Researchers are also considering the relationship between disease and fascia.

Every time we move, breathe, reach and pull, our fascia is involved. However, if our fascia is restricted, that area is not receiving blood flow and nutrients. The tissue is what we call “dehydrated” or may have formed “adhesions” (like a scar on your skin). The result is feelings of stiffness, pain, digestive issues, organ dysfunction, poor breathing … Common health issues (arthritis, digestive disorders, migraines, anxiety, heart disease for example) have been linked to dehydrated/adhered fascia and unless addressed can lead to long term health and physical challenges. While other causes may also be a factor, it is now evident that fascia is also at play in cause and effect.

Specific techniques have been developed that will release fascial tension and adhesions, rehydrate the tissue and promote healing and wellbeing. When used regularly, it may contribute to our health and ultimately our quality of life.

The technique we are using in our Fascial Conditioning classes at the Tsawwassen Wellness Centre have proven results in reducing physical pain, improving digestion, breathing conditions such as asthma, strengthening the diaphragm and reducing stress and anxiety.

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Anatomy Trains, Tom Myers.