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Boost your morning energy by doing this each day!

Here are a few tips that, if you are consistent ( that's the key),  will have big pay offs to your morning energy!

#1. Make sure you put the time aside to have a good breakfast every day.   That might sound easy but it is surprising how many people would rather hit the snooze button a zillion times than get up and make breakfast for themselves.

# 2. Plan the night before what time you need to get to bed in order to get up in the morning.  It's always more challenging to get up when you've gotten to bed too late. That's when the snooze button is most appealing.

# 3. Have your breakfast planned and know what you are going to eat the night before.  Being organized is very important to being successful.

 If you are feeling stumped for great breakfast ideas, I always refer people to  This is a great site with lots of great recipes and ideas for all kinds of healthy recipes.

Until next time; Happy Healthy Days



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