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Finding Me - Create A Healthier You In Four Short Weeks

- How to create a healthier you in four short weeks.

One of the biggest obstacles people have in creating healthier lives is themselves and we can always count on us for getting in the way of what it is we want.

Think of the last time you tried to loose weight.  If you weren't successful, what was it the derailed you? No time for the gym? Inability or no energy to change lousy eating habits?

Or was it the eternal list of 'things that need to get done that have nothing to do with me and my needs' that keep getting in the way of making you a priority in your life?

 Lack of time, energy & and a 'no focus on you' way of living can sabotage any good intentions you might have of getting fit, losing weight or finding better coping strategies for stress and balance living. 

On March 23, The Tsawassen Wellness Center and Mary Roncarelli are presenting Finding Me; A program with a foundational shift in thinking when it comes to creating healthier lives. 

If the foundation (thoughts, beliefs, actions and behaviours) from which you operates is faulty, success will always be challenged. 

Finding Me  - Starts Thursday March 23rd.

Come join us for a month of inspiration, motivation, support and life changing strategies 

· Empower yourself towards positive change in your life. 

· Reunite you with your authentic amazing self. 

· Learn how to create a strong foundation aligned with renewed beliefs, values and attitudes that support a successful you. 

· Have fun, learn lots & get lots of support

Program Details:    Call today to register - 604-943-8823 

I hour coaching session with Mary Roncarelli to: 

· Set realistic achievable goals & identify obstacles for successful change 

· Create an effective plan for change

4 weekly one hour workshops:   Learn Key strategies to: 

· Achieve success 

· Develop Self- Esteem & Confidence 

· Reconnect to the healthy vibrant you 

Date: Thursdays 6:30-7:30 pm March 23, 30, April 6, 13 

Cost: $169 

Call to Register today - 604-943--8823