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Thanks Jean Hamilton!!!!

BAH_7108This week, our beloved Jean Hamilton retired. After 7 years of service, Jean is moving into a new stage of life. We had a lovely celebration at the Studio this week and were able to share with Jean what she meant to us.

So often in life, we don't always get to know the impact we make on others. There may be times where we've said just the right thing or done something that touched, moved and inspired someone into action and we never know.

On the other side, perhaps someone did or said something to you and you didn't get the chance to share the impact. Perhaps it was someone briefly passing through your life or whatever was said unfolded over time and you didn't get it at that moment.

Well, both took place with Jean. We were able to share how much we valued and appreciated her and she was able to receive it.

What I got during this gathering is the sense of community we share at the Studio. There is the community within which we live, and then there is a SENSE OF COMMUNITY. That is the "feeling" we have when we are part of something meaningful.

At Jean's celebration I asked those present to say a "word" of who they see Jean as.... words like "LOVE", "LISTENING", "SPARKLE", "CARING", "ON TOP OF IT", "KIND", "COMMITTED", "SUPPORTIVE" were shared.

It is always the PEOPLE that make something amazing. And Jean was amazing at making our clients feel great. Thank-you Jean for creating a beautiful, supportive and loving sense of community at the TWC. You are forever part of our family. We wish you much happiness and fulfillment as you step into this new opportunity of creation of your life.

In health,
Linda Mallard
Owner, TWC