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Painfree Running with Pilates

I love to run!  But, if you are a runner, you will know that running can also bring hip, knee, ankle soreness; low back tension and sometimes neck and upper back tightness.

rainbow falls runRunning in good form and with excellent posture and alignment is critical.  Running itself creates muscle imbalances by working the same muscles over and over leaving others untouched.

Cross-training with Pilates is a great solution to running Pain Free.

Pilates will strengthen your body, keep mobility free and easy and help you with good posture and alignment.

1. correct muscular imbalances
2. strengthen core stabilizers of pelvis, hips and spine
3. promote good posture for maximum shock absorbency
4. stretch hips and legs to release tightness

If you are ready to run PAIN FREE, then call the Tsawwassen Wellness Centre at 604.943.8823.