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Pilates: An Effective Form of Rehabilitation

Pilates is vastly known in the world as an exercise system.  What some may not know however, is that Pilates is rapidly rising as a method of rehabilitation from injury.

Many physiotherapists have turned to Pilates as an effective way to rehabilitate their patients from injury (muscle pulls or muscle strain).  Be it muscular imbalances, post-surgery rehabilitation, joint replacement rehabilitation or back pain, Pilates strengthens the deep stabilizers of the body to promote strength, stabilization and mobility in a safe and effective way.

Pilates exercises promote an even musculature throughout the body.  It strengthens the core (known as the "center" of the body) and emphasizes spinal and pelvic alignment.  When our body is in alignment and has stability it moves the way it is designed to move to both heal from injury and prevent future injury.

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