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This weekend, I HONORED MY BODY. Resting and taking time to be quiet and still isn't easy for me. But I'm here for the long haul and it is more important that I am healthy and vibrant to do what I am here to do.

I napped, rested, walked, listened to beautiful music, reflected on my goals and recreated my world. For several weeks, my body has been gently poking and prodding me to take a break.

Fatigue, restless legs at night, loss of appetite, aching bones and muscles. It started with a nudge. I didn't listen. I wanted to play instead. So, my body spoke louder and louder. I even felt exhausted, gave myself a day... that should do it...nope, kept going. More fatigue, legs so sore I couldn't sleep, so tired I would nap in the day if I could....

The Universe also helped out as my key card for my fitness room at my condo stopped working and I was unable to get in. (Thank-you Universe!)

FINALLY I LISTENED. I took my own advice and honored myself with 3 full days of rest. I walked, stretched, did my daily chores, ate well, did breathwork. I focused on nurturing myself and relaxing my body.
iStock_loveyourselfLife can get away from us and we get so busy in our heads that we can forget to check in with our body. Our body tolerates a lot and does its best to support us. We hold tension in our body as a chronic state and can push ourselves to exhaustion. Our body will communicate with us with mild hints at first, but unless we take heed and give ourselves some self love, it will yell louder with potential illness, injury or disease.

So, this article is your reminder to take daily care of YOU! Take time to breathe and get "back into your body". I spent the weekend listening to healers such as Esther Hicks and Wayne Dyer. They reminded me about being in alignment with one self. When we are in alignment, life is easy, effortless. When we are not in alignment things are hard, there is friction. When there is alignment, there is clarity and energy flows. It is easy to be, to do, to create.

So if you are feeling out of alignment, the first step is to honor your body. What does it need, what is it asking for? Does it need to rest, to move, to breathe?

Here is a body scan exercise that can be done throughout the day and only takes 10-20 seconds. This awareness will bring oxygen and energy to every cell of your body and leave you with energy reserves even at the end of your workday.
1. Take a deep breath in and long exhale out. Make the exhale longer than the inhale.
2. Move your attention to your feet. As you breathe, relax your toes, your arches, your ankles. Continue to breathe in and out.
3. Continue to scan your body with your breath. Your calves, is there any tension, let it go. Knees, thighs, hips, glutes, abdomen, hands, arms. Find tension and let it go.
4. Deep breath in and long exhale out. Move to your neck, throat. Notice the tension and give yourself permission to release. Breathe into your jaw, eyes, forehead. Next move to your scalp. Breathe, notice, release.

This simple exercise brings you back into yourself, spreads oxygen and blood flow into all of your cells. In Pilates we talk about economy or efficiency of movement. This begins by releasing tension that doesn't serve us. This is our access to the stillness from which fluid movement comes from. Here's to honoring your body, yourself and living an amazing fulfilled life.

BAH_7481In health, Linda Mallard Owner, TWC