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Why do people seek yoga and why do they stay?

kaylen yoga 1
An interview with TWC Yoga Instructor Kaylen Jolly

Q: Why do people seek Yoga?

Kaylen:  While Yoga is a movement class, we reach a deeper understanding of ourselves throughout the process.  Yoga is for someone looking to find:
- Peace of mind
- To gain balance and ease through connecting mind and body
- To find simplicity in their day
- Strength in sensitivity
- Courage
- Self-empowerment, self-confidence
- Connection to like-minded individuals

Q: What do people get out of practicing Yoga?

Kaylen: The world of Yoga is expansive and it is hard for me to hone it down to the point of specificity. People will come for varying reasons, some looking for a spiritual connection, some to mentally check out and take it easy in some stretches, some are there for rehabilitation, self-discovery, simple curiosity… endless possibilities…some deep, some more surface level…Yoga is a personal practice and offers space to create exactly what it is you need the moment you step on to the mat. Whether that day you need humility, peace of mind, energy, sadness, anger. Be where you must be and cultivate the energy needed to process the present. You define your own needs and want…

For me, and what I try to teach, is that Yoga is an emotional and mental navigating system, it is about the power of an intentional and creative mind. We choose what sort of language we use to narrate our experiences and yoga aids in the awareness of these unconscious processes. When we physically put ourselves in discomfort we are challenged to keep our thoughts and emotions aligned with what we are looking to ultimately cultivate for ourselves on a broader scale (on and off the mat). As we become more and more connected to that and recognize the value in our ability to shed self-limiting behaviors, we come to develop a more loving and compassionate relationship with ourselves. We learn to re write our story moving forward from where we currently stand—Honor where you are at today, take what you need, leave the rest.
kaylen yoga