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The Great Spring Cleanse 2016!

wendy robertsen headshot with Wendy Robertsen

Detoxification” or “cleansing” is the process by which we can release environmental toxins, disease, and old metabolic waste from our bodies, and allow them to function at a much higher level.
We “spring clean” our homes and environments- let’s give our bodies that same fresh start. You do not need to have serious health concerns in order to benefit from cleansing. Even “healthy” people breathe pollution, store toxins in their fat tissue, and absorb chlorine and fluoride from unfiltered showers and tap water.

That is where the Great Spring Cleanse comes in.....

Benefits of Cleanse:
• The support of the fellow cleanse enthusiasts
• Increased self-confidence
• Great boost against illness.
• Individualized recommendations from Ayurvedic Practitioner • More energy
• Clear skin
• Weight loss (if needed)
• Brighter eyes
• Stronger immune system
• Greater mental clarity

How it works:
• Minimum 7 days
• Simple mono Diet(complete nutrition) recipe and guideline provided

oil massage instruction(oil provided)
Mild exercise
Daily use of Triphala to cleanse and tonify the digestive tract(provided)
meditation/yoga instruction
Herbal teas (provided)
Salt baths
Internal oelation
There will be a group meeting on Saturday April 23 at 2-4pm.  I will review the doshas, and give an overview of the day by day as well as give out support material. The cost is $125+gst which includes an individual follow up (1 hour) booked after the cleanse.

This event can be a VERY fun and rewarding experience BUT the bigger the group the better, so register your commitment so you can get started on this fun journey!!

Ayurveda seeks to regain health by restoring balance to your individual qualities and elements.