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Join Wendy Robertsen for a 4-week introductory series that will give you a greater understanding of your unique constitution and how to adjust your daily and seasonal rhythms so that you feel more energetic, lose excess weight , improve digestion, suffer less from the effects of stress, and sleep better.

Through exploring the core Ayurvedic principle that we are all unique, and therefore we each have different needs, you will increase self-understanding and uncover the beauty of your uniqueness.

You’ll discover:
1. Your unique constitution (prakruti) is and where you’re imbalanced (vikruti)
2. What the five elements and the three doshas are, and how they can help you discover your unique needs
3. Your ideal diet(six tastes, digestive fire etc.) and daily routine, and how to make adjustments to it in order to make it practical
Which yoga practices are most balancing for your constitution and why
Where: Tsawwassen Wellness Center

Dates: 4 Saturdays February 20, 27, March 5, 12, 2016 : 1-2:30pm

Investment: $80

Teacher: Wendy Robertsen, CAS, Yoga teacher

 Register: 604.943.8823