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We are excited to announce that the TWC Pilates and Health will be open at Tsawwassen Springs on Monday November 2.  

What this means to you:
1. Expanded Yoga and Matwork program will begin November 2. 
Purchase your class package now and start booking your classes.  See below on instructor bio's and information on our classes. 
Click link to view full schedule 

2. CoreAlign classes begin November 2 - looking for great abs, glutes and legs?  CoreAlign is the answer. 

Classes Monday - Friday mornings and evenings.  Great selection and something for everyone.

Click the link to view the CoreAlign class schedule (

All clients MUST COMPLETE an Intro to CoreAlign session to get into a class.  Book one now to experience this amazing piece of equipment.  Our guarantee: you will have great glutes, legs and core with lots of fun and smiles. 

INTRODUCTORY SESSION: $50 for 45 minutes one on one with either Jodi or Linda.

Visit our NEW Studio at #120 - 5133 Springs Blvd, Tsawwassen Springs Golf Community.

Join us for a complimentary class, meet our wellness team, sample various products, enjoy a chair massage and take in the stunning view!
1. Pilates Reformer Class! (beginner)  Join a complimentary Pilates class on the Reformer machine at 1pm, 2pm, 3pm or 4pm.   Only 5 people per class.  Pre-register to reserve your spot. 604.943.8823.

2.  Pilates Matwork - 1:30-2:15pm - back to the foundation of Pilates.  
3. Yoga - Join our complimentary Slow Flow Yoga with Wendy Robertson and Kaylen Jolly from 2:30-3:45pm.  Maximum of 10 clients.  Pre-register to reserve your spot. 604.943.8823.

Meet our Wellness Team, enjoy a chair massage and check out our new retail!

Call or email the Studio to register for the classes.
(604) 943-8823 \