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NOTE FROM LINDA - March 21, 2015

 While it may seem like things are business as usual at the TWC, behind the scenes it is anything but status quo.  Decisions on our new space, building our BASI Teacher Training Program and getting ready for our expansion is keeping us on our toes.

Below are answers to some questions around our new space at Tsawwassen Springs. 

1. Will your class sizes be the same?

Our equipment classes, like the ones we offer now, will remain the same with a maximum of 5 clients per class.

In the second room, we will offer Pilates Matwork and Yoga classes with a maximum of 8-10 clients per class, at a lower price point.

2. What will the parking be like at Tsawwassen Springs?

There are 200 underground parking stalls plus above ground parking.  Wheelchair parking is also available.

The purpose of the move is to be able to offer more programs and services, while maintaining our personalized services, and small group classes in a boutique-like setting.  On a daily basis, we look at how we can raise our standards to serve you better. 

3. When are you moving?

We can expect to be in our new home between August and October of this year.

Any questions, concerns and suggestion are always welcome.  You can reply to this email as a direct link to me or speak with the ladies at the front desk.

TWC is Family and Our Family Comes from Around the Globe

 The three arms of the TWC are designed to bring health, fitness, education and play into your lives.

1. TWC Pilates & Health – health, fitness, play

Offering Pilates, Yoga and Nutrition programs both in small group and one on one instruction. 

New to the TWC is Karen Evans, registered Holistic Nutritionist.  Karen will be at the Studio next week for a Meet and Greet.  See details below.
2. BASI PILATES TEACHER EDUCATION – education, knowledge, passion
The TWC is the BASI Pilates Teacher Training Studio in Western Canada.  As a teacher training studio, we offer different courses for people who want to become teachers as well as already certified teachers needing/wanting continuing education courses. 

We have amazing courses and workshops already set up for next year including Pilates for the Aging Population, Injuries and Pathologies, Pilates for Men along with our certification courses.  Instructors will travel from around the world to participate in these courses.  They will stay at our local hotel, eat in our restaurants and explore all the great services Tsawwassen has to offer.

BASI Pilates is a world leader in instructor education.  This puts TWC on the map as a part of the BASI family along with countries such as Greece, Spain, Turkey, UK, Australia, Japan, Korea, and Finland.

At the end of April I am attending a BASI Summit with all of BASI Faculty and Hosts.  We will be together for 3 days as one family learning together. Many languages, one goal - to bring Pilates to the world.

Keep your eye on our instructor page on our website for upcoming courses. .   
3. CMH HELI-SKIING AND HELI-HIKING – fun, adventure, fitness, play
Announced in our last enews, the TWC is now affiliated with Canadian Mountain Holidays offering adventures in Heli-skiing and Heli-hiking.  We felt it a great fit as CMH is about living life big, adventure and family. 

My brother, John, a CMH guide, encouraged this affiliation as a way to connect his world with mine on the common ground of health, fitness and fun.

Check out the link below.  How about some heli-hiking this summer?  It’s easier than you think and there’s something for all ages and levels.

Do you have questions about nutrition?  Drop in on the two dates below for a complimentary consultation with our holisitic nutritionist, Karen Evans.
1. Tuesday March 24 from 4:00pm to 6:45 pm

2. Saturday March 28 – 9:15-12pm