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Below are just a few of our under 30 clients who share how Pilates has made a difference to their lives.
Elyse Frost
 I started coming to the TWC to help with back pain and strengthen my core.  I can target muscles that I don’t normally use. Everyone at TWC is very friendly and encouraging, all the instructors I have worked with adapt the exercise to work best for me.  Thank you!


Richelle Soukoreff

I choose Pilates as a way of strengthening my body, and understanding how it works.  Through small class sizes and instructors carefully monitoring my progress, I have been able to build a stronger and more flexible body.  This enables me to feel confident as person and be more successful in activities I do.  At TWC they care about building a community of strong, healthy and body aware people.


Colleen Kenny

My decision to join Pilates was based off a need for exercise that would fit into a high school schedule.  My parents suggested it as an alternative to PE class, something that would help me be active without hurting myself. 

I’ve learned things about my body and its capabilities due to slight scoliosis, the Pilates exercises have improved my posture, in addition to making me healthier, physically stronger and balanced person.

My whole experience at the TWC has been wonderful.  Jodi my instructor is a joy to work with, and makes classes a positive experience that I look forward to every week.  The atmosphere and support are what keep me coming back.


Thomas Schultes

My back was hurting so much and my mom recommended coming to the TWC.  I am better at more sports now and it strengthened my core.  They are friendly and caring at the TWC.


Stacey Noelle Gilkinson


Pilates was re commended to me by my physiotherapist to treat my hypermobility.  I have dealt with chronic pain since I was 15.  I felt like my body was prematurely old with all those aches and pains.  I wanted to try something that would get me closer to feeling like a normal 20-something.


My quality of life has improved significantly!  Things like being bent over books, or carrying a backpack, which are staples of student life, used to give me severe headaches on an almost daily basis.  Thanks to the strength I’ve built up doing Pilates, I am now able to focus more on my studies than on pain relief.


I like that every instructor has something unique and valuable to offer.  Everyone is open to adjusting exercises to treat their clients on an individual level.  All clients receive a lot of helpful feedback for improvement.



I chose to do Pilates so that I could reduce the back pain caused by scoliosis of my spine.

Pilates has helped me with the pain that I was in and it has also made me a lot stronger.

What I like about the Tsawwassen Wellness Centre is that all of the staff (from receptionists to instructors ) are all very nice and personable. They all have your best interest at heart.

Emily Nowak


My friend joined Pilates first and encouraged me to join also.  I had to stop coming for quite a while as I had cancer.  A year ago I was able to return to the TWC to start my Pilates again.  I wanted help to lose weight and to be able to walk again on my own.  I have been back for a year now and I am loving it.


Pilates has made a huge difference in my life in many ways.  Pilates has taught me how to keep my body balanced and I can now walk without any help.


What I love about the TWC are the staff, the instructors – pretty much everything.  When I get to the studio there are always smiles and laughter along with an awesome workout!  I feel more energetic and that makes me happy.  There is a great vibe here. 

Dalton Boon

As an elite level Paralympic swimmer I needed to work on my core and posture.  Pilates helped me in those areas as well as strength.  The TWC staff are helpful and friendly.