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 After one month in our new location, all is going well. Having a taste of bright and new is keeping our senses alive with excitement as we watch the walls of our permanent home at Tsawwassen Springs go up.  If you head down to the Springs, you will see the framing of our new space almost complete.  With the speed in which time flies, we will be there in no time.

This month we celebrating our 70+ clients.   These clients are the new 55!  They are full of vitality and doing things that matter to them.  This  is a segway to the celebration of both Andrea and Jean turning 70 years this month.  Andrea has been with the TWC for over 8 years and Jean 5 years.  I am very grateful for each of them.  In the forefront, they run the ship with extraordinary customer care.  Behind the scenes they are my support and sounding board.   Andrea and Jean have been major contributors to the success of the TWC with their passion for creating an environment where our clients can thrive!


Jean and Andrea's birthday celebration
Friday October 17th from 11:00 am-1:00 pm
Join us in acknowledging them for who they are, what they bring to all of us at the TWC and that 70+ means life is beginning.

RSVP to Cheryl at .

If you are not yet in the 70+ age group, today is your future.  What you do 20, 15, 10 years before your 70's will make a difference to your life.  Your everyday choices on what you eat, how you move, your rest and how you react to life situations accumulate to your future health and well-being.  What choices will you make today that creates a healthy future for yourself.

There are 2 cups we for ourselves and one for others.  The cup we hold for ourselves is the energy we use to give and do for others.  If your cup is empty, there is nothing to give.  Filling your own cup on a daily basis, keeps your energy up to do all there is to do with some left over for fun!

Write out all the things you do for yourself that leave you feeling more energized after you do it then before.  Remember, this is all about YOU!
Here are some of mine:
1. text a friend or loved one and wish them a great day.
2. a hot cup of peppermint tea
3. healthy smoothie
4. Pilates class
5. running in the trails
6. call or see a friend
7. time with my kids
8. handful of spinach
9. washing my face and putting on beautiful cream
10. a spa treatment
11. 5 minutes of breathwork and stretching
12. doing something new that scares me a bit... or sometimes a lot :)
13. snuggling into fresh sheets and reading a book at the end of a day
14. being active in nature - skiing, hiking, rock climbing, walk on the beach
15. planning a holiday
16. speaking with my brother or sister
17. buying a gift for someone else and one for myself too
18. enjoying a healthy dinner
19. getting something done on my "to do" list that I've been putting off
I have over 50 items on my list.  Some take seconds and others longer.  Do at least 5 things on your list each day and see how your energy feels by the end of the day and end of a week.  If you are running low on steam, then look to your list and insert a few items into your day.

Have a great week.  Remember, all of us at the TWC are here FOR YOU!  Let us be your place where you fill your cup and get energized!

Love and health,