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The Tsawwassen Wellness Centre is a host facility for BASI Teacher Training Courses.  Our next course is the Pro-Bridge course designed for already certified instructors to learn the BASI repertoire and have the option to be certified by BASI.

Dates: Two weekends - November 8,9,10 and February 9,10,11.

For details on this course go to:

This course is the first in Canada and will be taught by Constance, director of BASI Education, and Rael himself!!  An opportunity not to be missed!

Professional Bridging Course


BASI® Pilates ProBridge program is making it possible for qualified Pilates professionals to benefit from the advantages of studying the BASI Pilates system.

It may not always be possible for the working professional to devote the time and funds necessary to undertake another full-length teacher training course. Therefore, BASI is proud to offer a program designed specifically for you!

BASI's® ProBridge program is a specialized bridging course for the qualified Pilates professional interested in experiencing the depth, intensity, and precision that only BASI provides. ProBridge is the perfect opportunity to acquire a BASI® education and ultimately join the BASI® professional network. Our program credits the experience of the qualifying professional for previous Pilates education, study and work. Focus is placed on the principles and methodologies that represent the key differentiators between BASI® and other teaching methods.

In addition to those individuals who have completed a different training program, we also encourage and welcome those students who have previously completed the BASI® Comprehensive Teacher Training Course to join and share an intense review of the work they did previously. Clarification and nuances of movement allow the BASI® graduate to revisit the original material by honing their existing skills (graduates, please contact BASI® headquarters directly for more information about auditing the ProBridge program).

The ProBridge program is an ideal vehicle to link the BASI CTTC and the Mentor Program.

This course has been approved for 36 CECs by the PMA.

Program Highlights
An intensive review of individual work on Mat, Reformer, Cadillac, Wunda Chair, Ladder Barrel, Avalon® Chair, Avalon® Step Barrel, as well as auxiliary equipment.
Introduction to the unique BASI methodology, including the BASI Block® System, teaching methods, comprehensive programming and the specifics of the BASI repertoire.
Muscle focus, objectives and cueing will all be reviewed as they apply to each movement.
Study of the science of human movement, an overview of anatomy as it is appropriate to Pilates movement, and physiology concepts from the BASI perspective.
Students successfully completing the ProBridge program are eligible to take the BASI comprehensive course examination.
BASI® Pilates has long been regarded as the pinnacle of education in the method by Pilates professionals worldwide. While many programs have fashioned their education after the BASI® model, none have met or surpassed the standard set by BASI’s® founder and CEO, Rael Isacowitz.

Rael's passion for excellence and love of Pilates has shaped the past, present and now the future of the method. ProBridge bridges the gap between where you are today and where you could be in the future!