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Long term clients, both Audrey and Michele undertook the task of becoming certified Pilates Instructors.  The journey began in November 2013 and now in September 2014, they are remarkable and skilled instructors.

We welcome them both to the TWC teaching team as dedicated and inspiring instructors.

Audrey is a graduate of the Movement Education, Physical Education degree program at Brock

University in St. Catharines, Ontario. She also holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Music. Throughout her career, Audrey has been fully qualified as a swimming instructor, boardsailing instructor and dinghy sailing instructor. She has lived in Tsawwassen since 1991 raising her 3 children and operating a full time piano studio: Studio In The Grove.


Audrey enjoys cycling, swimming, inline skating, skiing, hiking, basketball, sailing of all kinds, gardening, cooking and teaching, as well as playing the piano. When persistent injuries led her to Pilates it didn't take long for her to realize the massive benefits of her new love. Now, after 10 years of practising Pilates, she has completed the Comprehensive Teacher Training Course through BASI (Body Arts and Science International). The combination of both Rudolf Laban's Movement Education and Joseph Pilates' philosophies has made Audrey's understanding of the Principals of Pilates more profound. She is excited and honoured to become a member of the TWC team and is looking forward to guiding other people on their journey to become healthier, happier, stronger and more agile.

 Michele Harris
Michele Harris was first introduced to Pilates in 2011. “I knew then that Pilates would be my go to fitness for life,” says Michele as she wants to share her Pilates passion.

 Living a very active lifestyle and with the physical demands that come with working at her and her husbands garden centre, Michele wanted to avoid the recurring pain of  lower back and shoulder. " I just feel better overall "she says. 

Michele discovered that Pilates parallels her passion for riding horses and takes this awareness  to the riding arena when schooling her own horse.   Michele brings to the TWC, Pilates with an Equestrian approach.   “With Pilates we can begin to bridge the gap between rider and horse connection, through balance, stability and strength.  How can we ask our horse to maintain engagement if we cannot find that within our selves?"

 Michele loved Pilates right from the start. She took lessons at the TWC for three years before completing her Comprehensive Teacher Training through BASI Body Arts and Science International  and shortly after, accepted an invitation to work with Linda Mallard at the Tsawwassen Welleness Centre. 

Michele has received in depth training on all the apparatuses including Reformer, Chair, Cadillac, Jump-board, Ladder Barrel, Mat.