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The TWC has moved to its temporary location on 56th Street until it's permanent home at Tsawwassen Springs is complete.  

As I reflect on all that took place in our little studio my heart is warmed.  For the last 8 years of being in our current location, many clients have realized their potential as they healed from pain or injury, seen what's possible in a strong able body and made new friends.  

Last week I was teaching a strong level 1 class.  These women began anywhere from this year and up to 5 years ago.  Each one of them came in with injuries and pain.  In that class, what I saw was 4 strong, able bodied women. To know that Pilates was a contribution to that is incredible.

I have many stories of the lives that have been touched in our Studio on 12th Ave and am humbled and grateful for the opportunity to have been part of it.

So now, we move to a temporary location where more lives will be touched; and then, within 12 short months, onto Tsawwassen Springs, my dream Studio.
Thank-you to the team of Tsawwassen Springs, Shato Holdings and Regency Realty for their support in providing us with this location so that we can continue with our work and keep our dream of being at the golf course possible.

Thank-you to the TWC TEAM for their love and support during this transition.   Jean, Andrea, Cheryl, Iris, Anne, Steve, Jodi, Harry, Patricia, Audrey, Michele, Brenda - I love you all!

Harry Hirsch has been fundamental in getting the aesthetics of the studio complete, right down to wheeling items to the Studio on our new dolly. 
Client, Beverly Brazier provided us with a healthy and delicious lunch and my team put their heart and soul into making the move smooth while we taught classes right until 5:30pm Friday night.

At our team meeting this week, I asked each person what comes to mind when they hear Tsawwassen Wellness Centre.   Here are some of their answers:

- extraordinary customer service
- a safe place to heal, be vulnerable
- as instructors, we give our all to each and every client each every hour
- caring
- committed
- love
- connection
- a place where clients see what is possible in their lives when pain free and strong
- clients live by choice in a strong body
- friendships
- fun and aliveness

This is our commitment to you.  To be all of this and more regardless no matter where we are.  You can count on us to serve you, take care of you and be the best we can be for you. 
To you our clients, I am forever grateful for all you bring into the Studio.  Your desire to live your best life, your support of the TWC and what we are up to, and the love you have for your fellow classmates and the TWC team.

I look forward to our new healing space and what lies ahead.
 Love and health,

Linda Mallard