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NOTE FROM LINDA - July 28, 2014

We all need a reason to get up and put our feet on the ground and you are mine.  Knowing what's important to you and supporting you with your health and fitness such that you can live a life of your choosing is my driving force.  You know that taking care of your body and wellbeing is what gives you the energy and clarity to be present and deal with whatever is there.   You are committed not just to living a good life, but a great and extraordinary life.  To be part of that journey is a privilege - thank-you.


Last week, I spent time with my kids in Invermere visiting my brother John and his daughter Madi.  As many of you know, John is a Certified Mountain Guide with Canadian Mountain Holidays ( .  To spend a week not only with my brother, but my brother as a guide was truly remarkable.


One moment will stand out for me for the rest of my life.  John took us rock climbing to Lake Louise for the day.  To see him navigate 5 new climbers with the help of my nephew Adam was amazing.  These guys are top notch.  Once the gang was set up and climbing, he took me to a secluded area, hooked me up on belay and he started climbing.  He got so high such that I couldn't see him and we had to shout to hear each other.  After about 20 minutes he called to me to start climbing.  I could feel he had me on rope by the tension.  I knew I was safe.  As I climbed I grunted, groaned, and doubted that I could do it.  It was challenging and every once in a while when he could sense I wasn't moving and he would holler to "keep climbing".


When I reached him, he was standing on 2 inches of rock, attached to the rope I was on leaning back into space.  Yikes!


So there the two of us were, together on this tiny rock, holding onto this rope when John asked that I turn around and look at the view.  There we were in line with the powerful and magnificent glaciers, looking out onto the pristine blue water of Lake Louise.  I could see my kids happily climbing in the distance and people enjoying the day below.  I looked at my brother, tears in my eyes and told him how much I loved him and that I will remember this always.  John is 50 and I am 48.  I am so blessed that we could do this together.   Trusting each other to support us by a rope with cuts, bruises and scratches on our bodies, blisters bleeding in our hands... it was one of the happiest and treasured moments in my life. 


As summer continues, share with us how you are LIVING BY CHOICE.   Share your pictures, your experience and be part of a community that lives powerfully and freely knowing that your body can support you in all you are up to.



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Love and health,

Linda Mallard