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Note from Linda - May 12, 2014

In February 2013, we announced our commitment to move our business to Tsawwassen Springs.  The building was scheduled to be complete this June. 


In January of this year, the original plan of the building was changed.  This required approval of the new design with the tenants and a new proposal to the Corporation pushing the estimated completion time to summer of 2015.


What this meant for the TWC, is that we had to choose whether we were going to continue with this plan or create a new direction for the business. 


The space at the Springs will be so perfect.  The design is my dream studio.  While it seems a long time to wait, what got really clear for me during this process is that the team at Tsawwassen Springs is one of which I want to be part of. 


During this process of renewing my lease (and possibly needing an interim location) the management team from Tsawwassen Springs met with me, provided me with options, were in upmost of integrity and demonstrated support and solutions.  I am very grateful for their generosity and genuine concern.


The TWC has successfully renewed its lease in our current location for one more year and recommitted to the Tsawwassen Springs location for a 10 year lease.  In light of how fast 2014 has already gone, I am confident that we will be at the Springs in the blink of an eye.


What feels so amazing about this, is that the TWC is solid in our community now and for many years to come.  You can count on us to be a massive contribution to all whom we serve, including clients, local businesses and our BASI students to create a healthy and vibrant South Delta. 


In the meantime, we are rocking it in the Studio!  We have an fun client event planned this month (see below), will be doing some “outings” this summer, and continue to share our love of Pilates with our community.  We will bring in new programs and inspiration and invite you to share the TWC with your friends and family.


IMG_9150_webI would like to thank my family, team and clients for their support throughout this time.  Your love and generosity in your listening, suggestions and acknowledgments provided me with strength and clarity to make powerful choices.


Love and health,

Linda Mallard