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Client Testimonial

peter_rogalIn November 2013 I contracted a very serious lung infection.  After a one month hospital stay I was 30 pounds lighter and left with extensive atrophy to deal with.   I was barely able to walk or even stand for short periods of time.  My strength and stamina were all but gone. 


 After seeking medical advice from various sources, I was introduced to Linda Mallard of Tsawwassen Wellness Centre.  I booked a consultation and listened to her plan to get my body back.  She was very knowledgeable and seemed to really care about my plight.  Not only did she come up with a plan, but also explained how pilates was unique and why it would be a great fit for my needs.   I signed up for ten private sessions and was amazed how well I was coming along.  Ten more sessions and I was feeling much better.  My shape, strength, stamina and balance have improved greatly and I am well on my way to what I believe will be a full recovery.


I had never tried pilates before but I am certainly a believer now.


Thank you Linda and the staff at TWC


 Peter Rogal