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NOTE FROM LINDA - March 19, 2014


If an amazing opportunity came your way, would you take it?  If you were invited to do something you've never done, are you confident your body could support you?  Or would you hold yourself back?


I am so grateful for my health and fitness.  Having it allows me to take on anything that I am interested in at a moments notice.  Pilates has been the foundation of my strength, mobility and balance.  My exercise regime consists of running and cycling for cardio.  And I am consistent with it.  My Pilates is daily.  Sometimes 10 minutes sometimes 60 minutes, but I do something to balance my posture and alignment every day.

This allows me to take on skiing at a moments notice, a hike, a mountain biking course... anything I want.


I get to the "not yet converted" I may seem a bit extreme or a Pilates junkie if you will.  But I have choice in my life.  I am free to live it and explore it any way I choose.


It is my belief that Pilates is the foundation from which all other activities grow.  Establishing a base of strength, mobility, control, focus, awareness and stamina is what will support you in your bootcamps, running, cycling, walking, golf, equestrian, and all sports.


 As a source of inspiration, I ask you "What is important to you?  When you are clear on this (and write it down and re-read often), getting into action is easy.   So, for this quarter coming up, I urge you to commit to something that is important to you and fulfill on that in the next three months.


There are two things I am doing this quarter that I've wanted to do for years and have not.  I am excited beyond excited (I apologize to my clients who have been subjected to my gittiness). 


IMG_0879[1]Next week I am going heli-skiing with my brother John for his 50th.  John is a manager and heli-ski guide in the Cariboo's.  He invted me to come for his party.  I am stoked.

Now, I'm not just heading up.  I am preparing by strengthening my legs through squats and lunges.  I am also skiing more in preparation.  However, I know that while I'm not quite up to heli-ski level, my body will support me in this adventure.


I've also registered for a Mountain Bike course in June.  I have wanted to do this for years and never jumped on it.  This year I registered.  I have great confidence in my fitness and strength to take such a rigorous course.


There is a statement that I am reading daily and will share it with you as something that you can use to generate movement in your life.  I have it printed in big letters and posted above my computer.


"I am causing something magical and unprecedented - things that historically have never moved are now moving."


The TWC is your support system.  I am always available to you for a complimentary consultation, to support you in whatever you are up to in life.  I invite you to meet with me and together we can look at what you want to create in your life and then design a plan to get you there  there with velocity. IMG_8875_web


Share with us on FACEBOOK your dreams, goals and accomplishments.  Sharing inspires both yourself and others.

In health,

Linda Mallard

Owner, Tsawwassen Wellness Centre - Pilates & Health