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What If Pain Wasn't the First Thing On Your Mind?

What if pain wasn’t the first thing on your mind?

What would be possible in your life if instead of being concerned about your body, your pain and injury, you were confident to do whatever you wanted, knowing your body could support you?

This and more in your life is completely possible, and it doesn’t take hard work, hours of time, or pain before gain.

Pilates at the TWC is fun and feels great on your body every time. 

  • Our golden rule is to feel strength, control and stability through each exercise.

  • Pilates helps your body to be the strongest it can be and move in a way that feels good.

  • Pilates optimizes your posture and decreases your risk of injury.

Regardless of where it hurts, your pain can be traced to poor postural habits.  Low back pain, neck, shoulder, knee or hip pain, it will show up differently for each person.  Through the process of re-patterning and repeating a better pattern, your body moves better and feels better.

When you begin Pilates, the first step is to stabilize your core and muscles in the back of your body, while relearning to move the way nature intended.  From there, you continue to build a stronger foundation along with stronger legs and arms.

A long physical life is about being stable and strong and using gravity to your benefit.  When practicing Pilates, you will have a positive movement experience, feel great after your session and have the confidence to move your body powerfully throughout your day and into the activities you love to do.

Join us!

Jumpstart Program

3 one on one sessions

  • Includes posture and pain assessment

  • Body composition assessment

  • 3 private Pilates sessions

In 3 sessions your will know if you enjoy Pilates and if it feels great on your body.

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Tsawwassen Wellness Centre

5514 12th Ave, Tsawwassen (beside Panago Pizza)