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Welcome to all of our 2014 clients.  It has been a fun two days seeing everyone after the holiday break and hearing what you are up to for this coming year.


On behalf of everyone at the TWC, we welcome our new clients.  We look forward to being part of your health and fitness journey this year.


Every day I fall in love with Pilates and movement more and more.  To breathe, be connected with one's body, to feel powerful and strong translates into how we think, feel and go about our day.


This week, what has struck me is how much life there is in stillness.  While Pilates exercises are about a constant flow of movement, the movement itself is only fluid if other parts of our body are still.  And, the more still you are, the easier and more beautiful the movement becomes.


When I watch clients move from this place of stillness, it takes my breath away at how peaceful, free and strong each body is.  There is an ease in the movement and that ease brings out power, control and a sense of being unstoppable.


If we can feel this in our body, we can create this in our life.  In Pilates, we teach from feeling and experiencing the movement and when we do our whole being lights up.


This coming year, I invite you to be unstoppable.  To breathe love and creativity into your life, and to reach for possibilities you never imagined.




Owner, Tsawwassen Wellness Centre - Pilates & Health