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The holidays are filled with spending time with our family and friends, but the holidays can also be a time that can be rather stressful with an increase in demands of our time, and in general, a sense of craziness!  As Christmas time gets so busy, we may put on the side burner what's most important to our mental and physical health and that is exercising!  Keeping your body active with conscious, mindful movement gives you the ability to be present, reduce stress and give you more energy.


As you have already experienced, Pilates offers benefits that can positively influence your day to day life.  Pilates has a mind-body focus and provides a number of mental and physical bonuses that will make holiday season survival more manageable.


Mind-Body Connection

Pilates requires that we are present.  This focus and intention, allows us to totally zero in on what we're doing and eliminate all other thoughts.   A mindful presence allows us to observe our thoughts and experience as they are and has been reported to increase happiness, enjoy a more relaxed state of mind and lower stress levels.


Breathing is so important, and as our schedule gets full, we simply forget to breath.  Proper breath technique and awareness will properly engage the core and may also relief symptoms of stress!  Proper pilates breathing encourages filling the ribcage with air on each inhale.  This results in each individual rib lifting and separating, thereby creating space and length through the back and providing a relieving spinal stretch.


So don't forget to take charge of reducing your stress levels by going out for a vigorating walk, attend one of our Holiday pilates classes or treat yourself for an assessment or private.  I am available for appointments through the holidays. 


Wishing you and your family peace, love and joy throughout the holidays, and also, would like to thank you for your continued support.  Best wishes to all of you for good health, and happiness  in the New Year.


IMG_9142_webAnne Johnson

Certified STOTT Pilates Instructor

Certified Trigger Point Bodyworker