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This week, I was listening to some audio's of the Pilates elders.  One question they were asked, is "What is your legacy?  What do you want to be remembered for?"  Such a powerful question.  My answer wasn't immediate, but I got that being crystal clear on this would be the driving force behind each and every day.  So, here it goes:


What I want to be remembered for:

Take care of your body.  When you take care of the details of your body, the details in your life will be taken care of too. 


If you've ever been sick, injured, stressed, you know first hand how it can feel like life is being sucked out of you.  Being healthy gives you the space to love, be free, create, have aspirations, be generous with others.  Paying attention to your well-being on a daily basis means giving love to yourself and in turn you can do for others.


With the holiday season here, be generous with yourself.  In class yesterday, we were talking about finding peace points in your day.  Peace points are small pockets in time where you create a moment of peace and rejuvination.  For me it is a cup of tea.  Holding the mug, feeling the steam and smelling the scent.  For others, it was time with their dog, a refreshing face cleanser, stepping into the fresh air, a hot bath.  Whatever your peace points are, have a few of them each day this next couple of weeks.


Remember, the TWC is open over the holiday season with classes and private sessions available.  Anne, Jodi and Patricia (yes she's back!) and myself are all available to teach and we would LOVE to see you in the Studio. 


Holiday Schedule and hours:http://96bda424cfcc34d9dd1a-0a7f10f87519dba22d2dbc6233a731e5


Have a wonderful Holiday Season.  Thank-you for a great year of Pilates, for your support and for being part of the TWC family.




Owner, Tsawwassen Wellness Centre - Pilates & Health