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Happy December.  The last month of 2013. I spent this weekend planning the next 3 years and looking to where I want to be in my life and business by 2016.  It is still a plan in progress, to be shared with you by the end of this month, but is something that you too may want to consider doing, starting now, to prepare for 2014.

Here are some questions to help you get started:

1. Standing in the future fulfilled (ie: standing in December 2016), what does it look like for you to have it all?

2. What do you want to be remembered for?

3. Now work backwards - what will your life look like in 2 years and then 1 year?

So far, this exercise has taken be over 10 hours and is still to be completed.  It is not something to start on January 1.  The importance of doing this is that I become 100% accountable for my life.  No defaults.  Full power to live the exact life that I want.   I will no doubt adjust as the road turns, but I have a plan, a set vision of where I want to go and a detailed action plan for the next quarter.

Happenings at the TWC this month:

1. Dr. Ho - Sandra Nylander is returning Tuesday evening from 4-8pm to demonstrate the Dr. Ho Pain Relief system.  If you have sore muscles, arthritis or joint inflammation, the Dr. Ho is a great system for relief.  It's easy and it works.

2. The TWC is adopting a family from Delta Assist this year.  See below with informaiton on how you can be part of this great giving experience with us.

3. Holiday Schedule - the Fall session officially ends Sunday December 22nd.  We are open and offering classes and privates over the holidays.  Classes must be preregistered and are separate from a regular session.  Click here for the schedule: http://96bda424cfcc34d9dd1a-0a7f10f87519dba22d2dbc6233a731e5

4. Registration for Winter session is now on - see below for the schedule and registration details.

Have a great week. 

IMG_9150_webIn health,

Linda Mallard

Owner, Tsawwassen Wellness Centre - Pilates & Health