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karen evansHealth is multifaceted.  We can exercise, but if there is inflammation, we don't get better.  Nutrition is critical for healing, health, energy and all cellular functions in our body. 


With this, the TWC is excited to now be offering NUTRITION as part of our service.  Karen Evans will be available for appointments Wednesday evenings at the TWC.  See below for details on her program.


How’s your energy levels?

Low energy is an indicator of deficiencies in nutrition. As a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, I can help. Together we look at your lifestyle: what you eat, time for fitness, work and family commitments and develop a Personalised Holistic Health Program to achieve optimal energy levels. I utilise microscopy (live blood analysis) to help determine where nutrition deficiencies might be. During our consultation, we discover your food favorites and activity preferences and work them into your holistic program. Everyone is different, and progresses their health goals in their own way. With your input I can guide you through the process.


One month program includes:

1 hour 30 minute consultation

Personalized Holistic Health Program

Weekly follow-up by phone or skype for 3 weeks

Program Price: $ 175.00


Optional Microscopy (live blood) Analysis :

1 hour 30 minute consultation

Microscopy Report $165.00

 For bookings contact:

 TWC - 604.943.8823.