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mon1130class-2Every Monday at 11:30 am 5 dedicated ladies enter the Studio for their Pilates class.  This group has been practicing Pilates together at the TWC for over 4 years. 


These ladies can attest that on their first day of Pilates, they were nervous.  Either returning to exercise or living with back, neck or knee pain, they were worried they may injure themselves, or wouldn’t be strong enough to do the class.


The progress each client has made is remarkable with improvements in balance, strength and mobility.  In every class there seems to be a mini celebration where someone overcomes a hurdle, performs an exercise they couldn’t previously do, or tries a new one and surprises themselves that they got it right away.  The cheers from their classmates shows how much they are supporting each other in their quest of strength, mobility and health.


At the start of class, the ladies share in their weekend of golfing, skiing, curling or dancing for example. They are playing full out with their grandchildren, planning safaris, and trips abroad.   They dance, when previously their knees wouldn’t allow, or take on a new activity like lawn bowling and curling.


These ladies are living a life of their choosing with the confidence that their body is healthy and capable to sustain any adventure.  This dedicated group of Pilates fans are picking up speed in their life and enjoying every minute of it. 

Linda Mallard

Owner and Pilates Instructor