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kim stilwell babyWelcome to baby Karys Evelyn Stilwell McLeod.  Kim Stilwell, client since 2001, gave birth to her first baby on September 28, 8lbs 1 oz.  Congratulations!  The TWC welcomes our new family member.


A quick email came in from Liz who in the past 2 1/2 years has had a hip replacement and knee replacement.  Today she is living life to the fullest with Pilates and trips abroad.

JARVENPAA"Hello from the UK. Who would of thought this was a possibility for me 2 1\2 years ago when I practically had to crawl into the studio!!  The weather has been amazing and I have been able to hike every day. I have  seen some amazing countryside. See you soon." Liz


 YOUR BODY SHAPES WHO YOU ARE - Note from client Darlene

"I just watched the TED Talk video by Amy Cuddy, "Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are" and I read the accompanying article on this link 


Linda, I heard words that you speak: 


Tiny tweaks make big changes

Stand tall

Open wide


DARLENE RAINBOW2The final words in the video, "It can significantly change the outcomes of their lives." resonated with me and prompted me to think how you and Pilates have changed my life.  I keep learning more about my body and how it works.   I have better balance and less accidents.  I experience less pain and have a higher physical fitness level for a more active, healthy life.  Now, after watching this video I realize you have changed my life in subtle, but powerful ways that I had not connected to Pilates - you have increased my confidence and personal power.


I read in the article that leaders should "communicate warmth and trustworthiness".  This you do well with your positive coaching style filled with care, encouraging words and gentle touches.


Thank you for all you have done to increase the quality of my life...I will keep standing tall, opening wide and trusting!