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SDSS3Last week at the Studio was a hub of activity with two classes from South Delta Secondary School experiencing Pilates at the TWC.  We then went to the school to teach a matwork class.  To learn the importance of posture and alignment at this young age is so valuable for prevention of injury and back issues later in life. 



We have a few young clients aged 12-19 who practice Pilates at the TWC.  They are up to big things in their lives such as competitive sport and modeling.  Pilates is their training ground for alignment, body awareness, strength and flexibility.  I love the energy they bring, the openness to learn and their drive with their future ahead of them.


Congratulations to Audrey , Mary-Jane and Michele, who committed to the BASI Pilates Instructor Course.   I look forward to this journey of learning and discovery with them!  Students of this course will be seen observing and assisting in classes as part of their program.  Anyone else wanting to join us in the amazing Pilates journey?


Books have been arriving for our Books for Fiji Girls campaign.  We have approximately 300 books with a goal of sending fiji girls1,000.  Our first shipment leaves next week with Connie Ekelund from Good Life Connoiseur magazine.  She is taking 100+ books in a suitcase and will deliver them to the school by October 24th.  Thank-you to Connie, her partner Terry and Fiji Airlines.


This has become an incredible project that will make a big impact on these high school girls as we stand for LITERACY IN FIJI. 

Our goal: 800 students, 1000 books, 60 days. 

Our request: donations of books and sponsorship for shipping to bring the books to the school.  We've created a facebook page:  Please like us and share. 



 I've heard the words: "Help others and your own problems just disappear".  When I focus on helping and supporting others, whatever would usually be in my head about "what's wrong" simply disappears and life becomes fun and fulfilled with freedom and ease.

IMG_9150_webIn health,

Linda Mallard

Owner, Tsawwassen Wellness Centre - Pilates & Health