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800 GIRLS, 1000 BOOKS, 60 DAYS

LindaConnie350of800v1The first instalment of 350+ books is being delivered to Fiji Oct 25th! Follow the journey here:


We are part of a project to bring 1000+ books to Jasper Williams High School in Lautoka, Fiji to 800 girls, before Christmas. Sadly in 2012 a typhoon tore the roof off of the school’s library leaving it empty of books for the girls to read.


Help us stand for literacy and make this easy goal of 1000+ books by Christmas!

That only means one+ book per girl…..



Goal #1 - 1000 book by Christmas

1. Take books to Fiji:

fiji girlsIf you, or someone you know, are travelling to Fiji or the South Pacific will you take a suitcase of books with you? It’s really easy to find spare books that are suitable for teenage girls, look on your bookshelves or have a book drive. The biggest challenge is getting them to Fiji. ~ It cost about $100 for an extra 23 kg bag that can hold about 100 books.


If you do take books to Fiji, please send photos of the packing and delivery along with the number of books you dropped off. We will update the facebook page to include your generous contribution towards our goal.


Please connect via the facebook page to get the logistics and contact information:



Goal # 2- 40,000 books in 2014

2. Shipping:

We have access to 40,000 books that are available by donation in Vancouver BC Canada, but they need to be shipped. We either need donations to cover the cost of shipping, or we need an offer to ship these books free.


If you have any connections that can assist with free shipping, (Boat or Air Cargo) please connect via the facebook page to get the logistics and contact information:


If you would like to make donation, we would be most grateful and will keep a running total with your name and your generous donation on the facebook page. This is not a registered charity so no receipts will be issued… just good karma J


Vinaka vaka levu!