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This past weekend, I was in Costa Mesa, Orange County (a mere 30 minutes from Disneyland) starting my BASI (Body, Arts & Science International) Pilates Diploma program.  While I did not go to visit Mickey Mouse, I was on a ride of self development at BASI Headquarters.


Many have asked why I am doing this.  I am already certified to teach Pilates and have been teaching Pilates for 13 years.  Why on earth would I put myself through another course and another gruelling exam?  Well, first and foremost, I am a student.  A life long learner.  It is in the learning and inquiry that breathes life and energy into what I do.


Throughout the weekend, when I was on the spot, or my abs and glutes were burning like mad from holding a position until everyone got it right, I asked myself the same thing.  However, today I am filled with excitement about my work and my passion to bring Pilates to the world.  Today I have no doubt that I will light up others the way my teacher, Rael Isacowitz, lit me up in what is possible when we live free from pain, when our body can do anything we want it to, and we have energy and power each and every day.


probridge groupThis program is designed for Pilates teachers who are certified by another organization who want to obtain BASI creditation.  People travelled from North Korea, Finland, South Africa, UK, Spain, Holland and Australia, all to learn from the best.   They are teachers, business owners and parents, just like me.  They are driven, passionate and excited about their work.  My connections are now worldwide with friends from all over the globe.  I feel so fortunate to be in the company of such remarkable people.


BASI's philosophy is that of integrity, authenticity and inquiry.  There are no ego's, only curious minds, a search for excellence and service to others.  This is a fit for the TWC as we too operate from this place.  As a team, we consult each other and learn from each other so that we can bring our best to you.


BASI's methodology and exercise repertoire are science and research based while honoring the work of Joseph Pilates.  This not only fits with my constant question of "Why?", but also with our Clinical Pilates program, with physiotherapist Tricia Prevost.


Over this next 4 months, you will see me in the Studio studying the BASI method, and trying out new strategies in class.  I am extremely excited for this journey.


lindarael2013One of the other reasons I have committed to this program is because the TWC is a host facility for BASI courses.  Our first Instructor Training course begins in November.  It is a 10 month program that has classroom sessions over 4 weekends (Nov, Feb, April, May).   In between, students will study, observe and practice.  The TWC will be a space for this and I will be available to mentor them.


Courses and workshops will become a regular occurence at the TWC as we prepare to move into our new space.  We will bring in the best in the world offering many opportunities for instructors and clients to learn more about Pilates and their amazing body's.


Below is more information on the upcoming BASI course.  If you are interested in taking this course or know of anyone whom might be, please see below and then contact either myself or BASI headquarters for details.


In health,

Linda Mallard

Owner TWC