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I would like to acknowledge the front end team - Iris, Jean, Andrea & Niamh - for their outstanding job over this past few months.  They undertook a massive project in creating and implementing our new system and website with commitment, teamwork and integrity.  They communicated full on with each other, danced in the light of not knowing, and are now seeing this project working and being effective.

Iris, Jean, Andrea and Niahm have created systems together that have made the start of our fall session kick off smoothly and are committed to supporting you, our clients, in getting set up on line.

I am very grateful for their dedication and commitment to the TWC, our clients and our team.  Thank-you!!




While I am sad to say good-bye to summer, I move into the excitement that a new season brings.  Each season represents another quarter of the year, making it the perfect time to review your goals for 2013 and choose which piece you will complete this quarter.


In reviewing my goals for 2013, I felt proud to see that some big projects have been completed successfully.  •signed a lease with Tsawwassen Springs for our new home in 2014; •our new web-site launched in early August; •our adminstrative system went online; •we have a new Studio Manager who will see us through to the new space; •we signed with BASI Pilates to be a host facility for their Instructor Education programs.

For this quarter, our intention is to : •assist all of our clients to get set up online to manage their accounts and classes; •get our first Certification course with BASI started; •continue to "go green" with our administrative systems. •to personally be certified by BASI.  I am heading to Orange County next week to begin my BASI training.  I will be certified by BASI by January 2014 and will be assisting the students in our TWC course with their BASI education.

What are you up to this Fall?  With just under 4 months to go for 2013, what are your goals, possibilities and intentions?  What are you doing to make 2013 the most powerful year ever?



Our first certification course  with BASI Pilates begins November 9th.  If you love Pilates and want to learn more either for personal interest or to teach Pilates, this course is happening right in your backyard.  A few of our clients are already signed up and I hope more of you will join them.  Please contact me if you have questions.  I am more than happy to meet with you.  For details on the course, you can go to:


In health,

Linda Mallard