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Celebrate Fall - Free Pilates, Open House

At the TWC we celebrate fall as a fresh start.  A time to commit to your body, your mind, your spirit.  To create structure for yourself that supports your health and wellbeing, not just for now, but for your future.
To celebrate, we are offering complimentary classes for the community to experience Pilates, as well as a DAY TO EXPLORE AND LEARN.


Created for people who are interested in experiencing Pilates, using the specialized equipment.

•Pilates for 60+ Friday September 6th or Friday September 13 – 2:30-3:30 pm

•Pilates for Men, Women and Teens Saturday September 7 – 2:30 and 3:30 pm

Maximum of 5 clients per class.  Call to register at 604.943.8823.  One class per person.


Saturday September 14 – 1:30-4:30 pm.

Enjoy 20 minute workshops with Pilates demonstrations in between.  Ask your questions, speak with our instructors and physiotherapist. 

This is a day of depth, meaning, information about your health and where we get to show our passion for Pilates, movement and helping others.

The TWC is more than a business.  It is a community of people who love to move, learn, help, guide, teach and support.

Join us on Saturday September 14th for an afternoon of filling your cup of positive energy, fun, learning and exploring.  Bring your family, friends and neighbours to this beautiful day.



1:30 – Banish back pain - Linda Mallard 

Causes and solutions for lasting relief. Linda Mallard Back pain does not have to be a way of life.  Learn what may be the underlying cause of your pain and strategies to heal.

2:00 - Living with Chronic Pain – Brenda Straker

2:30 - The power of your breath to heal, energize and make your body sing!  Breathing techniques to survive the 21st Century - Jodi Butchart

3:00 - Posture – great posture is sexy, hot and functional! –Linda Mallard

Good posture is the foundation of physical health, musculoskeletal health, and even psychological health.  Living in good posture will naturally create strength, stability and balance.  Learn some simple techniques to sit and stand tall every day.

3:30 -  Balance, fall prevention and living with vertigo.  – Anne Johnson

Are you at risk of a fall? Do you suffer from vertigo or dizziness? If you have had falls or near-misses, then our specific Pilates strengthening exercises are very important for keeping you on your feet! Our Fall Prevention program uses specialized Pilates spring loaded resistance equipment.  Our exercise programs provide a safe and supported environment for progressive resistance strengthening, improved balance and functional control to give you the confidence to keep moving through life safely.

4:00 - Core stability - demystified! – Trish Prevost, PT

Think you have a "weak core" OR know you have a "weak core"?   You hear about it all the time; but really - what is it exactly and how do you get it stronger?


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