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Happy August to all!  As clients have come and gone over the summer, it have been a joy hearing about the great vacations and adventures.   It warms my heart to hear from clients who have accomplished excursions  such as hiking, cycling, and canoeing trips.  To take on physical challenges they never thought possible and to finish feeling strong is such a powerful and awesome feeling that makes us feel alive. 


Pilates is the bread and butter for living and moving through life.  And, it is the commitment of the TWC to bring the teachings of Joseph Pilates and his life’s work to you, and teach it in a way that you feel, by osmosis, the 35 years of dedicated practice.


At the TWC, we don’t teach exercises.  We teach a philosophy, a feeling, an energy, a way of moving and being that ignites your soul and inspires you from within.  We teach from the beginning of the class to the end of the class with 100% focus so you feel the deep connection to your body, mind and spirit.


Last week I read an article written by Dr. Eric Cobb on what it takes to have a better brain.  He shared research that measured the brain function pre and post cardiovascular exercise.  The increases were remarkable.  The study then tested participants on brain function before and after a yoga class.  The results proved that not only did brain function improve, it exceeded the measurements of post-cardio exercise.

The conclusion stated that it is not just exercise that promotes brain health, it is MINDFUL exercise.  Practices such as Yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi,  and Ballroom dancing that require you to remain present throughout the entire session are the best ways to keep your brain sharp and operating a high level.



niamhWelcome to Niamh (Neeve) Fahl as our new Studio Manager.  Niamh is one of three sisters who opened Spa Time in Tsawwassen.  Niamh later worked for Blanche Macdonald in Vancouver in accounting and student services.

Niamh is passionate about Tsawwassen and is excited to be back working in her own community and to be part of the TWC team.

Niamh is a mother of two teenagers and is married to Brent, one of the owners of Sharkey’s restaurant in Ladner.  She loves to bike, take spin classes and do weights.  Pilates is quickly becoming part of her health and exercise regime.

Niamh looks forward to getting to know all of our clients.  Please stop by the front desk and introduce yourself.

IMG_9044_webJean Hamilton is remaining at the Studio, but stepping down from her managing role.  Jean will be off for the next three weeks as she recovers from gall bladder surgery.   I would like to acknowledge Jean for all of her great work at the TWC as manager and send her all of our love for a healthy recovery.

Patricia Tufts is loving Spain.  You’ll find a NOTE FROM PATRICIA below.



After you have read this week’s enews, head over to our new website and check it out!  You can view the days and weeks schedule, link to mind-body to view and manage your account.  Many thanks to Iris Thorner and Mike Mallard for their work on this project.



Our online system is looking good.  In order to accommodate the software and create simplicity and ease for you to use the system, we have had to jig some of the processes and pricing structure.  All the great value is still available, but in a new structure.  Go to for details.




A day to LEARN AND EXPLORE, share your passion of Pilates with your friends and family and enjoy being in the TWC community.

This is not just any open house.  We will fill the day with meaning, thought, power and potency with workshops, Pilates demonstrations, beautiful food and the love of all of you.   

Thank-you for reading this week’s newsletter.  As always, my ears and heart are always open to your comments, questions and thoughts.


IMG_8312_webIn health,

Linda Mallard