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Pilates Summer Session

It is time to book your summer classes.  Below are answers to frequently asked questions regarding holidays, make-ups and registration.  Please review all details so you are aware of some upcoming changes.


Attached is our initial summer schedule.  A minimum of 3 clients are required for a class to run.  Book your classes for summer now.  schedsummer 2013


Going away?  You can still participate in Pilates this summer.  With clients coming and going all summer long, it is easy to book extra classes while you are in town and book off while you are away.  Feel great all summer long by keeping up with your Pilates!


Taking the summer off?  Pre-register for your fall classes with a $150 deposit to guarantee your spot for September.


Make-ups to do?  With our new online client booking system being launched for September, we are asking all clients to complete their make-ups by the end of August.   If you have make-ups left over from past sessions, please start booking them in.  By August 31, the whole system will be starting fresh.


Please note that make-ups expire if you stop your participation at the TWC.


Private clients: if you want a regular time slot this summer, please book your appointments for July and August.