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Note From Linda

July 4th, 2013


grad-family-150x150I feel like life is moving at the speed of light.  This past week, I attended my youngest sons grade 7 celebration and my oldest daughters grade 12 graduation.  Where does time go?  I am reminded to make the most of each day as life is happening now.


The ebb and flow of life is happening amongst our team at the TWC.  And this summer proves to be another season of change, development and excitement:



tufts-2011-150x1501. Patricia Tufts and her family are moving to Spain!  Patricia’s husband Paul, has a 4 month contract and so they are taking this opportunity to live abroad.  Patricia leaves July 30 and plans to return in January.   While there, she will sight-see, visit her Mom in England and pursue Pilates the Spanish way.  We wish Patricia all the best and are thankful for today’s technology which will keep us in touch.   We will miss her incredible energy, sense of humor and joie de vivre, but know she will be back.  We love you Patricia.


2. Job opening for a Studio Manager.  Please note that while we are hiring,  no one is actually leaving just yet.


  • Jean is scheduled for some surgery mid-August and will be off for several weeks.
  • Andrea is holidaying in Europe in the Fall.
  • Iris loves to work part-time.
  • In 2014, Andrea and Jean are retiring.


With this, the timing is right to find our future Studio Manager who will be part of our team to take us into our new Studio. The position will begin as part-time (approximately 18 hours per week), and within the year grown to full time.


Interviews will occur in July, training in August and the position will begin August 15th.  Click here for details: job opening studio manager



With 1 in 2 women and 1 in 3 men being diagnosed with Osteoporosis, it is critical that we understand what it is and how to take care of ourselves.   Not just exercise, but weight bearing exercise is important to building bone density, developing muscle to support our bones and improve balance to prevent falls.  Certain movements, such as flexion based exercises, deep rotation and side bending can be harmful to our bones and put us at risk for fractures.


Bone health is in!  Learn how to maintain and maximize bone mass, how to work the bones by using weight bearing, resistance and impact work so that the bones are able to support and protect us.  This workshop follows a research-supported design of exercises, making it an entire system of bone and joint health.


Join Tricia Prevost, PT and Linda Mallard, owner of the TWC for this powerful FREE workshop to learn how to exercise safely by learning exercise and movement parameters to avoid a fracture and live life to the fullest.


Thursday July 25 – 5-6 pm

Pre-registration required.  Maximum of 10 clients and guests.  604.943.8823


Have a great week!


Linda Mallard