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Need Physio? A Note From Our Physiotherapist, Tricia Prevost

May 31st 2013


IMG_9119_webIt has now been 3 months since starting Clinical Pilates/Physiotherapy at the TWC. I have thoroughly enjoyed meeting and chatting with the clients as they venture into the Studio and being part of an organization that cares so much about their clients.


My new model of physiotherapy allows me the time to assess, treat and educate each client.  Having an uninterrupted 30-60 minutes with each client ensures that we are thorough and effective in our time together.  I have a sense of pride knowing that each person with whom I have had the pleasure of treating has left with new knowledge of their own body, what makes them unique, how to tend to their current injuries and in turn, prevent future injuries.


Summer is fast approaching and with the longer days and beautiful weather comes the enjoyment of activities such as golf and gardening.  It is amazing how two activities that seem so relaxing, can be the cause of many new injuries or the triggers of old chronic, nagging ones.


Whenever possible, crouch down or bend at the knees rather than at your waist in order to reach for something.


  • Avoid reaching too far beyond your base of support for something that is in an awkward position. “Square up” to where you are working and adjust your positioning to get as close as you can to your target.
  • Pull in your “core” muscles (activate your deep transversus abdominus muscle) especially in the case of heavy lifting or pulling.
  • Pace yourself, take breaks & avoid staying in one position for too long (even make minor adjustments after 15 minutes or so).
  • After pulling or gripping or digging it is important to stretch the muscles in your forearm. Hold your arm out in front of you keeping your elbow straight. Use your other hand to guide your hand or bend your wrist downward; hold 15 seconds to feel a stretch along the top of your forearm. Repeat 3 times. Do the same thing bending your wrist upward to feel a stretch along the underside of your forearm.


Remember, gardening can be quite physical work. It’s important to rest and recover!”


The longer you leave an injury, the more complex treating it can be.  There is essentially a 2 week window of time from the onset of an injury before your body starts to compensate in some other way potentially leading to more pain and injury.  If you have an injury or pain, the sooner you book, the easier and faster it is to get better and stay better.


I would be more than happy to help you out in any way I can.  You can either book an appointment at the front desk, or pop in for a visit and chat on Tuesday June 4th from 5-8 pm.


Sessions are either 30 minute ($70) or 60 minute ($140)  (insurance receipts are provided). A 30 minute appointment is perfect for treating a specific injury or pain.  The 60 minutes is more comprehensive where we complete a postural analysis, treat injuries (manual therapy, IMS and acupuncture available),  and stretch you out.


Cheers! Trish


DO YOU HAVE AN INJURY OR PAIN? Pop into the Studio and ask Trish your questions between 5 and 8pm on Tuesday June 4th!  Guests are welcome.