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TWC Blog
TWC Blog
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We are all leaders, decision makers and guides.  People in our lives, be it our children, spouses, siblings, parents, clients, coworkers, or friends count on us to show up in a certain capacity.  Life comes in waves and there are times when we have to step up our game.

Two weeks ago, my husband Mike passed away.  He was diagnosed with cancer 11 weeks prior.  While we had been separated for 3 years, we were parents together of our 3 children.   When we received the diagnosis, I knew immediately that I would have to expand my capacity to manage, lead and support.  I knew I had to show up in a certain way for Mike, our children and his family; yet continue to be present for my team and clients at the Studio.

This story is likely no stranger to many of you reading this.  Life is happening all around.  Some challenging, but many wonderful experiences as well.  Healthy babies are being born, our children or grandchildren are graduating and getting married.  All of these experiences require that we adjust in some way.

This adjustment requires that we are healthy.  That we are strong, rested, have mental clarity, and manage more in in a day.  

In this process, the question I am asked is "how are YOU?"  What do I have in place such that I am supported so I can in turn take care of the others who need me?  I have learned to ask for help and accept help when offered.  To lean on friends, family and coworkers, but also to have professionals in my world to support my wellbeing.  I do more Pilates, seek counselling. Eating well, regular exercise and continuing to do what I love fills my cup.  There are times I feel that I don't have time for "me", but then I remember how much better I feel when I do run in the trails, ride my bike or even get my toes done.

The Tsawwassen Wellness Centre is more than a Pilates/movement studio.  We created this boutique Studio so we could get to know you and respond to your needs.  Our commitment is to provide a space that is healthy, supportive, rejuvenating, safe, and leaves our clients with increased energy and strength to live powerfully in their life.

This Fall, our theme is COMMUNITY, SUPPORT, FUN!

We are here to provide you with whatever you need when you need it.  When I returned to work only a few days after Mike's passing, some people asked why I didn't take more time.  I couldn't imagine being anywhere else.  This is also my space to rejuvenate, heal and feel supported.  While I have reduced my schedule this fall to allow more time to deal with matters at home, my time at the Studio is fundamental in my wellbeing.  I feel so much love, support and joy when I'm there.  The outpouring of kindness over the past two weeks warms my heart and lifts me up.  The opportunity to stretch, move and breathe grounds me, clears my mind and elevates my mood.  I am a better Mom and decision maker at home because of my participation at the Studio.

My invitation to you, is to use the Studio for the same.  Our eyes, ears and hearts are open to you.  There is an incredible community that you are part of at the Tsawwassen Wellness Centre.  This Fall, we have put together opportunities for you to learn, grow and play.  I encourage you to participate in any way you choose.  Below are three different events for this month.  Each one brings a unique experience.  They are all at no cost, some involve learning, others more social and fun.

In health,
Linda Mallard
Owner, Tsawwassen Wellness Centre


What’s Your Relationship to Food and Eating Doing for You?

Food and eating is the spice of life.  It allows us to experience flavors and textures that satisfy and fulfil us on many levels.   Food (the wrong kind or too much) can on the other hand contribute to the development of ill health, weight gain and feeling bad about ourselves. 

Our relationship to food and eating plays a role in how food is experienced throughout our life.

Consider all the reasons why you eat and enjoy food:

Does your social life revolve around food and eating?

Do you use food to comfort, reward or distract you?

Does it feel like food controls you?

Do you tell yourself that you just love food!


Do you use food to fuel, nourish keep your body healthy?

Do you make 80% of your eating choices about personal respect and value?

Sometimes we need to take stock and recalibrate what isn’t working for us any longer if we want a different outcome.

What would you like your relationship to food and eating to be?


Join me at The Tsawwassen Wellness Center (Tsawwassen Springs) for a
Free Presentation
Monday, September 11th:
How to Lose Weight Without Dieting
6:30 - 7:30 pm.
Call to reserve your seat - call 604-943-8823

Join Finding Me  - 8 Weeks to Wellness & Weight Loss Program
At The Tsawwassen Wellness Center
Starts Monday September 25th
For more information - call 604 -943-8823



Come and Join us at The Tsawwassen Wellness Center for a Free Presentation

How to Lose Weight Without Dieting

When was the last time you really felt like yourself? Maybe it feels like years have gone by with little time or attention put on what you needed to stay healthy fit, looking and feeling your best.

Have you noticed that over the years your weight just keeps creeping up?  Are you a little less patient than you used to be?  Does it feel like the person you are today is a less happy and fulfilled than the person you want to be?

Changing anything in life can be challenging and a bit scary but the rewards from shifting from what you don't want to what makes you happier, healthier and more fulfilled is well worth the effort.

Come to this presentation and learn how to:

·         Manage your weight without starvation diets and excessive exercise regimes.

·         Feel strong, beautiful, empowered and healthy regardless of your age. 


Date: Monday September 11

Time: 6:30 – 7:30 pm

To Register – Call 604-943-8823


The Power of Fitness through Pilates

Tsawwassen Wellness Centre owner, Linda Mallard, shares the impact Pilates has on her life.



Friday, Saturday, Sunday October 20, 21, 22, 23, 2017

with Rena Shields   


fascial conditioning logo

rena sean

What is Fascial Conditioning for Pilates?

Fascial Conditioning with Pilates is a technique using Suspension Therapy and Fascial Training straps and Pilates equipment to support clients while recovering from injury or to reduce tension.  You will learn how to increase mobility, strength and deepen the breath to strengthen the Diaphragm in a Lateral-Intercostal Breath to balance the client’s Autonomic Nervous System facilitating a decrease in inflammation, decrease in stress, & stabilization of Homeostasis.


- What is Fascia and what is its role in health, movement, recovery and healthy aging
- How does a Lateral Intercostal Breath strengthen the diaphragm and its role in stimulation of the Vagus - Nerve and hormonal activation of the Adrenals.
- Approaches and choreography to integrating Fascial Conditioning to your practice.

This technique facilitates strengthening from Acute Care to Dynamic Conditioning.

We begin with Breath, it is necessary to establish a balanced Parasympathetic response to Sympathetic response of the Autonomic Nervous System once trauma/pain has been experienced. The primary goal of Fascial Conditioning is to establish a Parasympathetic response by consciously contracting the Diaphragm to strengthen the Vagal Tone of the Vagus nerve to facilitate the release of the neurotransmitter Acetylcholine for release of the Fascial Sheath.  We then challenge the boundaries of this response with dynamics and the force of gravity to strengthen the endurance of the diaphragm. Once stress becomes too great the Sympathetic response will become dominant restricting the Fascial Sheath causing the individual to be unable to consciously contract the Diaphragm.  At this time we focus on a recovery set to re-establish a Lateral Intercostal Breath to balance our Sympathetic response( inhale) with a Parasympathetic response (exhale) for flushing of the Fascial Sheath to prepare for the next movement sequence.

Who is it for?

An 18 hour course to teach Certified Health Professionals and Certified Pilates Instructors the Fascial Conditioning curriculum for Pilates.

Course Outline


- Breath Lecture and Class
- Fascial Therapy – what it is and how to facilitate this treatment
- Fascial Conditioning Class
- Suspension Therapy –how to facilitate this in a class and treatment format


- Fascial Slings and how to release for a more effective Lateral Intercostal Breath
- Pilates Barrel for Myofascial Release and Suspension Therapy
- Suspension Therapy and the Trapeze Table
- Fascial Conditioning technique with Pilates Trapeze choreography


- Fascial Conditioning Class
- Fascial Conditioning techniques with the Reformer and Tower
- Review

The Stages of Conditioning with Fascial Conditioning

- Fascial Therapy
- Suspension Therapy
- Fascial Conditioning Pilates
- Suspension Yoga
- Fascial Training

For more information on this technique visit: 


Dates: Friday, Saturday, Sunday October 20,21, 22, 2017

Location: Tsawwassen Wellness Centre, #120- 5133 Springs Blvd, Tsawwassen, BC

Cost: $699 + gst (includes Fascial Training Suspension Strap)

Register by phone at 604.943.8823

Building the Foundation to Sustain our Clients Treatments for an Effective Recovery



Fall session begins September 5th

1. Early Registration - August 5-12.
2. General Registration - August 16th - Sept 6th.
3. Price changes - Fall session- class prices have increased by $1/class.  Effective September 1, 2017, privates by $5/session (Duets $2.50 per person).

- Fascial Conditioning Mondays at 9:20am,
- CoreAlign Thursday 6pm and Sundays 10:30am
- Healthy Back Thursday 9:30am

Click here to view Fall Schedule:


Lose Weight without Dieting - a Free Presentation


Come to this presentation and learn how to:

  • Manage your weight without starvation diets and excessive exercise regimes.
  • Feel strong, beautiful, empowered and healthy . 

1st  5  people to register get a free  30 minute weight loss coaching session


Tsawwassen Wellness Centre @ Tsawwassen Springs
#120-5133 Springs Blvd
 Presented by:
Mary Roncarelli, Weightloss and Wellness Coach


Pilates for Hikers

In two months, 18 of us Pilates lovers will be heading to CMH Helli-Hiking for a summer adventure in the Bugaboo's.  Below is an article I wrote for the Good Life Connoisseur's magazine.  Awesome and inspiring photo's plus exercises to get in shape.

Conrad Glacier Bobbie Burns Carl Trescher 2Helicopter Flying into Rainbow, Bugaboos, Lyle Grisedale



Registration for Summer 2017 is now open.

Click here to view the schedule.

To register:
phone: 604.943.8823
in person: at the Studio... #120 - 5133 Springs Blvd.

A few changes to the schedule so check it out here.


Play Better Golf with Pilates

According to the PGA Pro Mat Baird, there are four main areas that are necessary to focus on to improve your golf game and prevent injuries. These are your core, hamstrings and gluteal muscles and flexibility.

A strong core supports the spine and provides balance and rotation in the trunk. Thus reducing lower back pain (prevalent in amateur and professional golfers alike), preventing injuries and allowing for a consistently powerful swing.

Your hamstrings and gluteal muscles provide the base for correct golf posture from the set-up to the finish. They also aid in balance and preventing lower back pain. Pilates addresses these specific areas whilst maintaining the integrity of a full body workout.

As you know, the greater your flexibility, the larger your range of motion. This allows you to move through your entire swing efficiently affecting the distance and accuracy of your shot. For golfers all over the world, Pilates has proven to be a game changer. Fore!


·  4 one on one Pilates sessions

·  Golf screens assessment; Posture/pain assessment

· BONUS - 1 Fascial Conditioning class

ONLY $239 (save $114)


Call today and make your first game a great game. 604.943.8823