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TWC Blog
TWC Blog
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Lose Weight without Dieting - a Free Presentation

WEDNESDAY JULY 12TH - 6:30-7:30 PM

Come to this presentation and learn how to:

  • Manage your weight without starvation diets and excessive exercise regimes.
  • Feel strong, beautiful, empowered and healthy . 

1st  5  people to register get a free  30 minute weight loss coaching session


Tsawwassen Wellness Centre @ Tsawwassen Springs
#120-5133 Springs Blvd
 Presented by:
Mary Roncarelli, Weightloss and Wellness Coach



Pilates for Hikers

In two months, 18 of us Pilates lovers will be heading to CMH Helli-Hiking for a summer adventure in the Bugaboo's.  Below is an article I wrote for the Good Life Connoisseur's magazine.  Awesome and inspiring photo's plus exercises to get in shape.

Conrad Glacier Bobbie Burns Carl Trescher 2Helicopter Flying into Rainbow, Bugaboos, Lyle Grisedale



Registration for Summer 2017 is now open.

Click here to view the schedule.

To register:
phone: 604.943.8823
in person: at the Studio... #120 - 5133 Springs Blvd.

A few changes to the schedule so check it out here.


Play Better Golf with Pilates

According to the PGA Pro Mat Baird, there are four main areas that are necessary to focus on to improve your golf game and prevent injuries. These are your core, hamstrings and gluteal muscles and flexibility.

A strong core supports the spine and provides balance and rotation in the trunk. Thus reducing lower back pain (prevalent in amateur and professional golfers alike), preventing injuries and allowing for a consistently powerful swing.

Your hamstrings and gluteal muscles provide the base for correct golf posture from the set-up to the finish. They also aid in balance and preventing lower back pain. Pilates addresses these specific areas whilst maintaining the integrity of a full body workout.

As you know, the greater your flexibility, the larger your range of motion. This allows you to move through your entire swing efficiently affecting the distance and accuracy of your shot. For golfers all over the world, Pilates has proven to be a game changer. Fore!


·  4 one on one Pilates sessions

·  Golf screens assessment; Posture/pain assessment

· BONUS - 1 Fascial Conditioning class

ONLY $239 (save $114)


Call today and make your first game a great game. 604.943.8823


Fascial Conditioning to Reduce Stress, Anxiety and Improve Sleep


TWC's Fascial Conditioning classes may be something you'd like to try.

The foundation of Fascial Conditioning is the 5 count inhale/5 count exhale to improve Vagal tone for activation of the Parasympathetic Nervous System. This affects all of us and how we age, recover, & improve our overall wellbeing. Begin with the Breath workout on the site below for free daily.  You'll be amazed at what this does for you ???? ???????? ????.

vagus nerve

This article explains how the Vagus nerve impacts our wellbeing, digestion and inflammation. 



Join Mary Roncarelli, certified Health Coach Wednesdays evenings starting May 10th for a refreshing course on creating a lighter you this spring and summer.

Click here for details:




Information on fascia is exploding in the world of healing, movement and bodywork. It is teaching us that fascia is the master organizer of our bodies. It impacts our physiology, movement and central nervous system. Our emotions and life experiences live in our fascia.

Why now? Research methodology, tools and our ability to dissect in greater detail is allowing us to deepen our understanding of this remarkable body we live in.

While our body is made up of trillions of cells, a complex nervous system, organs, and tissues, it is the fascia that intertwines and connects it all together.

fascia 5
Fascia is a thin webbed tissue that encapsulates all our muscles, nerves and organs. There is no start and finish. It surrounds each unit and then links all of our parts together.


The health of this tissue impacts our entire body from how we move (freely or restricted), to digestion, breath and organ function. Fascia holds our emotions and life experiences. Researchers are also considering the relationship between disease and fascia.

Every time we move, breathe, reach and pull, our fascia is involved. However, if our fascia is restricted, that area is not receiving blood flow and nutrients. The tissue is what we call “dehydrated” or may have formed “adhesions” (like a scar on your skin). The result is feelings of stiffness, pain, digestive issues, organ dysfunction, poor breathing … Common health issues (arthritis, digestive disorders, migraines, anxiety, heart disease for example) have been linked to dehydrated/adhered fascia and unless addressed can lead to long term health and physical challenges. While other causes may also be a factor, it is now evident that fascia is also at play in cause and effect.

Specific techniques have been developed that will release fascial tension and adhesions, rehydrate the tissue and promote healing and wellbeing. When used regularly, it may contribute to our health and ultimately our quality of life.

The technique we are using in our Fascial Conditioning classes at the Tsawwassen Wellness Centre have proven results in reducing physical pain, improving digestion, breathing conditions such as asthma, strengthening the diaphragm and reducing stress and anxiety.

For more information on our Fascial Conditioning classes, contact the Studio at 604.943.8823 or

Anatomy Trains, Tom Myers.


TWC Hosting "The Eyes Have It" with Constance Holder

TWC is excited to be hosting a Pilates workshop called "The Eyes Have It" with Constance Holder.

Saturday May 6th - one spot left for a one on one with Constance!  Call 604.943.8823 to book.
Want to observe?  Cost: $25/day observation only.

Sunday May 7th - The Eyes Have It. 9am - 4pm.  $150 .

Click here for details:



Why is it that when a child falls, they bounce right up and when Grandma falls it is well... more of a thud?

Why is it that when babies are born they can't hold up their head or support their body but after time, they can support their head, roll over onto all fours, then stand and then walk?

fasciaFascia is a thin netted layer of tissue that surrounds our muscles, nerves, arteries, veins and organs.  It runs in many, many layers.  It is webbed and moves three dimensionally.  Fascia is what connects muscles and transfers force from one muscle to the next creating coordinated movement.  Muscle without fascia is just hamburger. 

When we are born, our fascia is very supple, loose and highly hydrated.  As we move through our days as little ones, the fascia takes on more form or tensegrity, allowing us to access muscle and be able to support our head, lift our limbs and eventually roll over, crawl and walk.  Fascia is elastic allowing us to move but also to stabilize.

In the case of stiffness, feeling tight or loss of mobility, the fascia has become too tense with a loss of hydration and starts to pull on our body.  Too much tension in our fascia not only creates feelings of tightness, it can cause other pain such as headaches, sore back, shoulders, hips and feet. 

fascia 2When we move, we hydrate the fascia and start to feel looser, more mobile, younger, stand taller.  Movement is like water to fascia.  Consider a sponge, when it is wet we can move it, twist it, wash with it. It is supple and won't break apart.  

When we get injured or don't move much in our daily life, fascia forms adhesions.  Similar to a scar on your skin, only inside your body.  Movement and breath help to break down the adhesions and hydrate the fascia.  In the case of these adhesions and tension, a specific technique is found to be most effective.  Our classes are based on this technique:
1. breath work to strengthen the diaphragm and reduce the heart rate
2. slow, three dimensional movements
3. a system of sustained holds with breath, flossing of the fascia around the joints and then core stability  
Utilizing Suspension Straps, our Fascial Conditioning program will focus on the these elements. 

Watch this video on Fascia to learn more about it, then sign up for a class this month.

- A release of tension or tightness (light in your body)
- Relaxed
- Strong and stable (hello core!)
- Aches and pains reduced or gone
All this equates to an overall feeling of well-being, better sleep, elevated mood, better posture, less pain and more energy.

Are you ready to increase your tolerance for pleasure?  Then this class is for you!  Register today.


Pilates Gardening Tips

Spring finally here!  …If you haven't gotten into your garden yet, I'm sure you will be.  Pulling weeds, trimming shrubs, digging, all in preparation for the planting and growing season.


After a day in the yard our back, neck, shoulders, legs and arms remind us that we’ve found and used a few muscle groups that we don’t normally work in our everyday routine.  Gardening not only overloads muscle groups but the repetitiveness of a task can also stress or strain muscles, tendons and ligaments. And while I can’t promise that you’ll be able to totally avoid muscle or joint soreness when gardening season starts, there are some things you can be mindful of to help keep your body well-balanced while you’re digging in the dirt.


So how do we stay healthy and avoid these issues while having fun working in the yard and gardening? 


Pilates, It’s the perfect off-season gardening training program!  We do exercises while standing, seated, kneeling, face up even upside down. We focus on spine, hip and shoulder mechanics, core support, and so many things to help you become well balanced and aware of how you are moving.


Here Are Five Pilates Tips To Keep In Mind While You Garden.


1.   Use Your Core MORE.  That strong low abdominal support we work on in Pilates is critical when you’re bent over and working in the yard.  Not only does your deep powerhouse need to work as you’re digging pulling, and lifting, but they need to stay engaged the whole time you’re bent over to support your lower back! Check in on your shoulders… if you find you are hiking your shoulders up, it could be your abs are not doing their job.  Ab strength rocks!


2.   Coordinate Your Breath With Your Effort.  You will have maximum core support when you exert on an exhale.  Even if that little weed you might be pulling is small, it may be tenacious.  So inhale to prepare, exhale (pull your abs in, melt your shoulders down) and then pull on the weed!  Develop a Pilates-style breathing pattern that supports your efforts, whether you’re pushing, pulling or dumping the wheelbarrow, digging, just about everything you’re doing and you’ll be amazed at the difference.



3.   Alternate The Leg You Squat Down With.  We habitually tend to put our dominant leg forward.  If you do this while you are gardening, there’s a good chance you’ll be doing tons of full squats on one leg and zero on the other side.  This will overdevelop your strong side, and continue to weaken your weak side, shifting hips, pelvis, and back out of alignment.  Be mindful, alternate legs when getting to the ground and when getting up. That way you’ll work both legs evenly and you’ll find your body feels better when you’re done. Think balance!


4.   Alternate The Hand You Use To Do the Work.  Again, balanced muscle development.  It’s important to think about strength training to develop both sides of your body evenly.  It’s a challenge to use your weaker hand, arm and shoulder to pull weeds and plant.  Can you do it?  Squat down with your left leg and pull weeds with your right hand.  Squat down with your right leg and pull weeds with your left hand.   It can be as much of a brain-game as a whole-body workout to be consciously working the body evenly while you’re digging in the dirt!


5.   Take At Least 15 Minutes and STRETCH When You’re Done.  I know you’re tired! You’ve been getting a workout… and if you’re like me I sometimes go way past fatigue when gardening. Lots of leg work is involved in those deep squats.  Your hips and back will be tight and tired. Your body will thank you to do some stretches for Spine Extension, Shoulders, Hamstrings, Quads, Inner Thighs, Outer Hips, Calves, Hands and Feet.  


Take care and don’t forget to say hi when you’re at the Nursery, I’d love to hear how you’re Pilates and your garden is doing! 

Michele Harris

Harris Nurseryland