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Osteoblast Workshop

This class is taught by:

Patricia Tufts

Physical-Mind Comprehensive Certified Instructor (500+)

BASI Pilates Injuries & Pathologies Certificate .

Third Age and Prenatal Pilates Certified.

Patricia is a seasoned Instructor with extensive qualifications in the Fitness Industry. Pilates for Pregnancy -Third-Age Pilates and Rehabilitation, with over

twelve years teaching Pilates.

Patricia is Internationally traveled and has recently taught Pilates overseas in Spain. Ex- Scuba Dive Instructor and Triathlete, she believes "To enjoy the glow of good health you must exercise."-- (Gene Tunney).

Patricia's love and passion of people and their well being ensures her sessions are healing and motivating. She guides her clients to develop better posture, alignment, and core stability, leading to true functional fitness and a renewed connection to their bodies, their health and well being. She inspires her clients to take what they learn and apply it to their every day lives. Patricia is extremely hands-on and is known for her healing touch.

"Your talent is God's gift to you. What you do with it is your gift back to the world." --Leo Buscaglia 

Joan Littlejohn

My story
I have a framed picture on my wall of a little red headed girl wearing a tutu doing an impressive arabesque. I drew it when I was five and recently rediscovered it while going through old photos and memorabilia. While I didn’t come close to finding a career as a ballet dancer, I spent many years in the dance world (contemporary) achieving a Minor in dance and a Degree in PE and Recreation. I am still involved in the dance community and sit on the board for a local dance company.
Despite some enlightening starts in other areas I believe my life plan was somehow connected to creativity and movement. Like many of my peers, I started teaching “aerobics” when I was 16 with minimal training but lots of enthusiasm! After extensive training I continued on my journey in the fitness industry teaching, presenting, opening fitness clubs and teaching courses to certify fitness, aqua and personal trainers. During that time I competed in body building and competitive aerobics and triathlons. Pursuits that were, in hindsight, poor choices for the longevity of my joints. I am currently waiting for a new knee but am working hard to hang on to the one I have – I am kind of attached to it and will hate to see it go!
I found a calling for Pilates in the 80’s after giving up my legwarmers and pursued training and teaching in a variety of schools of Pilates. Having been exposed to the classical approach to Pilates and respectful of the principles, I chose to add education and training that I found to be more user friendly and functionally useful to my participants. I believe our evolving lifestyles of sitting too much, computers and lack of exercise requires a more broadened approach to Pilates training. Incorporating my expertise in Yoga Therapy and a variety of other disciplines ensures my clients are offered a well-rounded and unique movement and flexibility experience.